Preliminary Self Assessment Form

Please take time to reflect on the questions below. During your meeting, you and your advisor will discuss the answers to the following.
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Not Effective at All Very Effective

Not at all Important Very Important

Not at all confident Very Confident

Please check the answer of your choice to each question

Directions: The following questions are designed to help you identify how you feel about your study habits and what has contributed to your academic difficulties.

My concentration is easily broken.
I have difficulty with courses in my major.
I have difficulty managing my time.
My course load was too heavy.
I am unsure of my major choice.
I am unable to understand course material.
I am having a hard time adjusting to college.
I am having a hard time making connections with other students.
I am having home/ family problems.
I have a lot of social distractions.
I have a lot of stress/anxiety.

Goal Setting

Please use the space below to develop your action plan for success. Please list at least one goal that you have identified to help you succeed this semester and what action steps you will take to reach that goal. We encourage you to develop three goals. You and your advisor will discuss these goals at your Academic Standing meeting.

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