13 Reasons Why Not
In the wake of the Netflix series "13 Reasons Why" a teenage girl documents 13 reasons why she decides to take her own life in a series of cassette tapes. We want to encourage students to celebrate reasons why they choose NOT to take such tragic measures. Please come up with at least 1 reason, but you can feel free to submit as many as you like. For example, one of your reasons might be "the art student that smiles and makes eye contact as she passes you in the hall each morning". Another reason may be "your best friend Kate who is always there for you when things get rough at home". We want to read some of our student responses on the intercom to inspire students to be kind to others, and help students realize how much we all have to live for. Sometimes we have no idea what impact a simple smile or a kind word might have on someone else's life. Maybe you are too nervous to share your reason(s) and you want to have them read by someone else and remain anonymous, one of our club members will read your reason(s) on the intercom, if your submission is chosen. Maybe you want your friends and teachers to know what they mean to you, and you choose to read it yourself. We would be thrilled to have you do either one. It would mean so much to someone to be mentioned by name (a friend, a staff member, etc.) and know that they are one of the reasons you keep your chin up and keep moving forward in life. One last thing...if you ever consider harming yourself or taking your own life, we are here for you, and we want to assist you in seeking help. Please talk to a teacher, an administrator, or a guidance counselor so that we can help point you in the direction of the assistance you need.
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If you are considering harming yourself, please take the first step toward finding help. Check here and we will find someone to talk with you so that things can get better.
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