Parish School of Religion registration
2018-2019 School Year

13407 Piscataway Rd., Clinton, MD 20735 (St. Mary's School)
Contact Miss Annelle Holk at (301) 292-0527 x 104 or with any questions.
A copy of each student's Baptismal certificate should be sent in the first week of class. Registration fees provide all P.S.R. students with necessary supplies and textbooks, and parent study supplies.

Early Bird Special if your family registers by August 6! One student - $50, two students - $90, three students - $120.
Regular Registration is between August 7 and August 21. One student - $65, two students - $120, three students - $165.
Late Registration (helps account for expedited shipping fees so we are ready for your children on their first day of class; can be waived if you move to the area after regular registration) is any time after August 21. One student - $75, two students - $140, three students - $195.

Mail PSR fee to St. Mary's Parish at 13401 Piscataway Rd., Clinton, MD 20735 OR hand deliver the check to Michele Fulk in the Parish Office. Checks can also be handed to Miss Holk the first day of class, September 9. Please make checks payable to St. Mary's Piscataway.

If PSR fees are a hardship for your family, we still want to see you at P.S.R.! Please contact us.

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Welcome to St. Mary's Church of Piscataway!
P. S. R. for Your Family
The wonderful catechists of St. Mary’s are here to guide, teach, support your children, and encourage them on their journey to God. The role of parents in their children’s spiritual formation is of far more critical importance. In regard to faith formation, the work of our Sunday School catechists is to assist you, not replace you. An enriching curriculum is provided by the weekly Sunday sessions on-site at St. Mary’s from 10:45-11:50 a.m. Parents will meet in the Parish Library for some coffee and doughnuts and a Catholic study led by Marty Carts. A wealth of up-to-date supplemental resources, in the form of DVDs, CDs, and books for each grade-level, is available in the Parish Hall for you to check-out, take home, and return.

We look forward to serving your growing family here at St. Mary’s of Piscataway!

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