Super Bowl Donation Tracking
Filling out this form ensures that all our generous donors will be listed in the party program and will be sent a Thank You letter.

Please fill out this form for any business you contact (even if they didn't provide a donation or will be sending in a donation). This will help us to track which businesses have already been solicited.

Thanks for filling this out and helping making the event a success!
Volunteer Information
This section is for the person that solicited the donation. You only need to enter your phone number the first time you submit a donation. For additional donations, simply leave it blank.

Thanks for soliciting the donation!
Volunteer Name *
Name of person who solicited the donation.
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Volunteer Phone
Only required for the first donation you enter. Use this phone number format: 847-111-2222
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Donor Information
The information below is for the person/family/company that made the donation. If you haven't yet received the donation or the company does not want to make a donation, you can indicate that further down on the form.
Type of Donor *
Company (or Family) Name *
Name of the company/family that made the donation. This is the exact name that will be listed in the party program.
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Company/Family Contact
The name of the person at the company/family that provided the donation (and should receive the Thank You letter)
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Company/Family Phone
Use this phone number format: 847-111-2222
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Street Address
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(if not Buffalo Grove)
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(if not 60089)
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This will be listed in the party program if provided.
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Current State of the Donation *
Description of the donated gift(s) *
Describe the item donated
Retail Value
Leave blank if you haven't receive the donation yet.
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Additional Notes
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