5th Annual World Hoop Day St. Louis

5th Annual World Hoop Day St. Louis 2013
Located at 2720 Cherokee Performing Arts Center
2720 Cherokee Street
St. Louis MO, 63118

October 5th, 2013

To Benefit the St. Louis Public Schools
Bring a new or gently used hoop to donate. Help us change the lives of children with movement. This will be the 5th year of giving a 100 hoop donation to a local public school. This year's local school is Shenandoah Middle School located on Shenandoah in South City, St. Louis.

Question? email us at info@stlhoopclub.com

Parking is street and metered or parking lot and metered by Cosa Loma. There is limited parking behind the venue. Please do not park in front of dumpsters.


1-6pm (doors will open at 12:30pm) Workshops and Activity
Ticket: $20 (all ages, kids 12 and under free with adult) plus handling fee
You may sign up for up to three workshops plus enjoy all the afternoon activity the event offers

Aaron Kamm and the One Drops
$30 plus handling fee (18 and up)
*This ticket includes it all!

*Tickets for the venue's night show will also be available at the door. All venue rules apply.

Or attend the Jam and Showcase for just $5 (pay at the door)

Performance Showcase
World Hoop Day Jam
Hoop Building

There will be hoops to borrow for those that do not have one (or want to try something new) attending the workshops and the jam.

Event Schedule:

-Opening Yoga for all ages
(bring own mat or towel if desired, none will be provided, not required)

-Advanced Doubles: Transitioning & Movement Theory with T-Rav Thorne (Gallery) up to 16 students
-Kids Play and Movement: with Erica Burroughs (Main floor) up to 25 students, adults welcome to of course!
-Fire Safety: with Venus in Flames *Intermediate & Advanced Students* (Main Floor stage) up to 12 students

-Lyrical Lyra: with Krista Elena (Main Floor) up to 4 students
-Intermediate to Advance Knee Hooping: with Keller (Gallery) up to 16 students
-Chest & Shoulder Hooping: with Erica Burroughs (Main Floor) up to 12 students
-Hoop building and decorating (Main floor stage) $10 per hoop to build your own to take home, proceeds go to the 100 hoop donation) no registration needed

-Rock the Hoop - Hoop Dance 101: with Mishi (Gallery) up to 16 students
-Minis & Multi-Hoop: Workshop with Brandy Misuraca (Main floor) up to 12 students
-Bursting the Bubble Partner Hooping: with Ivory and Brit (Main Floor) up to 12 students
-Hoop building and decorating (Main floor stage) $10 per hoop to build your own to take home, proceeds go to the 100 hoop donation) no registration needed

4:30-6pm Performance showcase followed by Glow Jam with DJ
Bring your led toys, we will supply the black lights, wear white!

(As workshops fill the number of available spaces will be reflected)
Fire Safety: with Venus in Flames *Intermediate & Advanced Students*
A comprehensive workshop focusing on Safety when performing with fire. This class will cover differences in the commonly used fuel types- pros\cons of each as well as MSDS information, various safety equipment, duties of a "Safety Person", equipment spin-off techniques, and basic burn First Aid. Bring paper & pen for taking notes.

Advanced Doubles: Transitioning & Movement Theory with T-Rav Thorne
So you like to double hoop, huh? Do you know some tricks, but don't know how to combine them? Are you looking to add snap to your movement, clarity to your transitions, and all while on a clean plane? Looking to introduce some breaks, rolls, tosses, plane changes, and jump-throughs into your doubles diet? THEN THIS IS THE CLASS FOR YOU!! This class is for advanced double hooping only. Lightweight hoops, and knowledge of warrior weave, circus weave, and thread the needle are advised before taking this class.!

Bursting the Bubble: Partner Hooping with Ivory Shmivory Rigney and Brit Says
This class will cover some partner hula hoop moves that involve one hoop each as well as two hoops each, so bring your hoops. If you don't have a partner for this class, don't worry because we will make sure everyone gets to work with a partner, or we'll work with you. Get ready to burst your partner's bubble by entering their personal space and gettin' down with some hula hoops!

Minis & Multi-Hoop Workshop: with Brandy Misuraca
Experience a different view on hoop dance. In this workshop we will explore fun and unique moves using minis and multi-sized hoops. We'll play with mini hoop tricks, transitions between hoops, shapes, stacked isolations, hoop fusion moves, tosses, and more. Don't feel limited to one hoop or one size. Variety is the spice of life so let's spice it up!

Lyrical lyra (all level aerial hoop) with Krista Elena
Learn poise, beauty and grace in transitions and poses on the airborne hoop. This class is designed to suit all levels of strength and flexibility and will push you further in your individual practice. Linking breath to movement and utilizing the strength and lines of your own body you will experience the beauty behind lyrical movements on the lyra.

Rock the Hoop - Hoop 101: with Mishi (Michelle Schaeffer)
You have to start somewhere. No one knows how to hoop until they try. Unlock the magic in yourself by stepping in. This class will cover the basics and fun and exciting movement concepts with the single hoop.

Intermediate to Advance Knee Hooping: with Keller
Don't forget about the knees! There is a great opportunity for playfulness and impressive hoop tricks awaiting you. Together we will explore the versatility of knee hooping tricks, one knee hooping, balance postures and much more. I will also share some of my favorite warm-ups and stretches that will help you improve your flexibility and balance. Let's play!

Chest & Shoulder Hooping: with Erica Burroughs
During this workshop we are going to focus on all that embodies shoulder hooping. Shoulder hooping is a core move that involves the upper body to unlock and move as the hoop is rotating around us while keeping our shoulders engaged. Here we will learn the basic push and roll technique of maintaining the hoop on our chest and shoulders. We will focus on the correct ways to: chest hooping, shoulder hooping, moving the hoop from our core to shoulders, arm weaves, breaks & stalls, angles/rolls, duck outs. Experience: all levels. Advanced, beginner and intermediate hoopers. Recommended to wear tank tops or sleeveless shirts and a smile.

Kids Play and Movement: with Erica Burroughs
This hour workshop will focus just on the kids. We will teach fun moves, play games, and get silly while hooping!


Cooked hot and fresh onsite by Master Pieza based on Cherokee Street

Hemptress Designs
formerly known as Homemade Hemp by Kandy, was established in October 2008. The company originated in St. Louis,
Missouri, but has since expanded throughout the Midwest. Kandace Pohrer, the sole proprietor of Hemptress Designs, is personally responsible for the design and production of our merchandise. She is an artist with a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Evansville, Indiana. Kandy absolutely adores working with her hands and providing her customers with the highest quality handmade products.

The products sold at Hemptress Designs are all 100% handmade and unique. Each product is carefully constructed with customer satisfaction in mind. We create beautiful hemp jewelry pieces, such as necklaces, bracelets,
anklets, and earrings. We also make pendants from Scrabble tiles, bottle caps, and washers, and sew small fabric pouches that have a variety of uses. Most of our products are eco-friendly as well. Hemptress Designs is
a company full of creativity and curiosity to try new things, so our product selection is constantly changing.We aim to satisfy every customer’s needs through a custom order program and ship world-wide for a minimal fee.

St. Louis Hoop Club
For pre-orders
-For custom economy and dance hula-hoops for children and adults $25-$45 in regular (black PE) covered with a variety of gaffer, reflective, and mirror tapes.

Heady Handmades
For pre-orders and day of event orders
-Handmades are handmade hula hoops, custom jewelry and clothing, as well as other accessories that are all upcycled or handmade. This vendor will be our onsite at World Hoop Day St. Louis and will have a variety of poly-pro hoops, travel hoops, and more for sale.

*Each attendee participating in workshops will need to fill out a registration form

After registration visit our Paypal to purchase your tickets. Last year all the workshops sold out. Please register to secure your spot. Please see above for all workshop descriptions. If you have any questions about any of the listed content or would like to make a contribution to our hoop donation let us know by sending an email to info@stlhoopclub.com or calling 314-503-0460.

To donate to the WHD Hoop Fund:


To purchase your tickets please visit the St. Louis Hoop Club website ABOUT US page and click on the links under World Hoop Day St. Louis or follow the links on the World Hoop Day blog posts. If you have trouble please contact us by email at info@stlhoopclub.com or 314-503-0460.

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