Stanly County Schools Academically/ Intellectually Gifted (AIG) Program Parent Survey 2017
Thank you for completing the 2017 Parent Survey!
If you have children at more than one school, please feel free to complete a survey for each school.
Grade of your child(ren) receiving AIG services
Which school does your child attend?
In what area is your child identified?
I am aware that the local AIG plan is available on the Stanly County Schools website.
I am familiar with Stanly County Schools pathways for AIG identification.
I meet with my child's AIG teacher annually to review his/her AIG services and sign the Differentiated Education Plan (DEP).
The AIG services my child receives provide an appropriate challenge and offer enrichment for the curriculum.
My child's regular classroom teacher differentiates instruction appropriately for my AIG student.
My child receives adequate service time through the AIG program.
My child's teachers address the social and emotional needs of my AIG student.
I am able to communicate with my child’s AIG specialist.
Additional comments, suggestions, or ideas for the AIG program.
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