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8/20/2014 16:41:3010/13/2012AK - AlaskaMatanuska-SusitnaWasillaAlaska State TroopersNicholas Leo Frazier22MaleWhite
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
2HitArmedFirearm; not stated
10/16/2012 search. Victim was shot after shooting trooper. He died shortly thereafter, though the coroner ruled that the trooper's shots were non-fatal and the cause of death of was a self-inflicted gunshot.
Andrew Ballestreros
8/25/2014 23:13:487/4/2011AK - AlaskaPalmerAlaska State troopersAdrian T. Spindler19MaleUnknownUnknown2KilledArmedHandgunVictim possibly suicidal?
Yes37/4/20113No, I have another incident to log.
8/26/2014 21:26:352/19/2013AK - AlaskaAnchorageAnchorage PoliceCarl Richard Bowie III25MaleWhite
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
Police responded to a suspicious-person report, and suspect fled the scene in a vehicle reported stolen earlier in the day. Officers gave chase. Attempts to stop the vehicle failed, and suspect rammed a police vehicle and other vehicles in an attempt to escape. Officers fired on suspect, killing him.

Wikipedia link is dead. This URL works:,_February_2013#cite_ref-12
Billiet & RydbergYes42/19/20131No, I have another incident to log.
8/27/2014 23:04:409/13/2012AK - AlaskaAnchorage
Anchorage Police Department
Jason Barnum37MaleWhite
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
HitArmedFirearm; not stated
Barnum opened fire on officers in a hotel room -- they exchanged fire. Barnum was hit in the arm and an officer was grazed in the back.
Yes59/13/20121This is the first incident I am logging.
8/20/2014 15:27:414/22/2014AL - AlabamaCalhounAnniston
Anniston Police Department
Frank Charles Johnston53MaleWhite
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
5KilledArmedAirsoft Pellet Gun
Johnson was holding a pellet gun which was designed to look like a real gun. Two officers told him to drop the gun, Johnson instead assumed a "shooting stance" and pointed the pellet gun at the officers. Both officers then started firing and Johnson was killed
8/20/2014 15:43:333/19/2013AL - AlabamaElmore Deatsville
Elmore County Sheriff's Office
Jeremy A. Acre35MaleWhite
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
Killed during a welfare check on trumped up, exaggerated accusations. Officers arrived to determine if the victim's wife was in danger, he and she both said she was not, and asked them to leave. As Jeremy attempted to close the door, the officers pushed the door open and invaded the home.
Jason Chambers
8/20/2014 16:25:079/5/2013AL - AlabamaMobile CountyMobile
Mobile Police Department
Kenneth Lamar Bedgood
Black or African American
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
KilledArmedFirearm; not stated
Following stolen vehicle pursuit, Bedgood abandoned vehicle and fled on foot. Police say he shot at them, and they exchanged gunfire killing him
8/20/2014 17:16:5610/6/2012AL - AlabamaMobileMobile
University of South Alabama PD
Gil Collar18MaleWhite
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
10/16/2012 search. Victim was tripping on LSD, naked, and pounding on the police station door.
Trevis Austin
8/20/2014 18:47:0510/6/2012AL - AlabamaMobileMobile
University of South Alabama Police
Gil Collar18MaleWhite
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
University of South Alabama Officer Trevis Austin heard someone banging on the police department's window early in the morning on Saturday, October 6. The officer went outside and found a naked 18-year-old acting erratically. During a tussle, the officer fatally shot the unarmed naked teenager in the chest. The autopsy later revealed that Collar was high on synthetic acid at the time.
Trevis Austin
8/20/2014 23:19:597/12/2013AL - AlabamaSt. ClairPell CityMaleUnknownUnknownHitUnknownUnknown
Pell City police responded to a report of an assault on a officer. Arrived to find the alleged attacker suffering from a gunshot wound. Police say the officer shot the man during the assault in self defense.
Could not find any further info.
8/21/2014 7:30:366/28/2012AL - Alabamahoustondothan
Dothan Police Department
Christopher Jerome Thomas
Black or African American
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
8/21/2014 14:05:097/29/2012AL - AlabamaJeffersonIrondale
Irondale Police Department
Montavious Burrow18Male
Black or African American
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
1HitArmedFirearm; not stated
Police responded to a burglary call, where a witness gave police a tag number and vehicle description. Police attempted to stop the vehicle, and the driver fled on foot. Police say that the driver pulled out a gun and aimed it at the officers, and the officers fired one shot. The driver was hit, and police apprehended him after he fell down.
8/22/2014 18:11:266/27/2006AL - AlabamaLimestoneHuntsville
Chicago Police Department
Kenneth Wayne JamarMaleUnknownUnknownHitUnarmedUnarmed
Rodney Baker, Robert Denoon, Larry Shields, Scott Winder
8/23/2014 8:33:321/31/2012AL - AlabamaHenryHeadland
Headland Police Department
O’Patrick Fitzgerald Humphrey
Black or African American
Police arrived and scuffled with Humphrey, DA Valeska said the unnamed officer fired his gun one time, striking Humphrey in the lower abdomen. Relatives told authorities Humphrey suffered from schizophrenia.
Tony Franks, Tony Smith
8/23/2014 16:13:253/6/2014AL - AlabamaLeeOpelika
Opelika Police Department
Michael Davidson20MaleWhite
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
Man was shot and killed after a traffic stop on the interstate. Police say the man was "driving erratically" and the officer perceived an unknown "threat" when the man exited his car and the officer shot the man twice.
Philip HancockYes3
8/23/2014 16:20:5210/15/2013AL - AlabamaBarbourEufaula
Eufaula Police Department
Cameron Massey26Male
Black or African American
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
Massey was a passenger in a car that was stopped by police at 431 South Wrecker Service in Eufaula when he was shot multiple times by police. Massey caused the vehicle to accelerate, dragging one of the officers, according to a statement released Wednesday from Mayor Jack Tibbs. The traffic stop about 45 miles south of Columbus developed into a drug-trafficking investigation.
8/25/2014 10:13:2812/15/2011AL - AlabamaColbertMuscle Shoals
Muscle Shoals Police Department
Shane Marshall Rea38MaleWhiteUnknown1KilledArmed
Knife or cutting instrument
Police officers responded to a stabbing in progress and ordered Rea to drop his weapon. Officers said he refused and that's when one of the officers fired a shot. Rea died from the gunshot.
Jeremy BehelYes3
8/26/2014 23:35:402/19/2013AL - AlabamaDale County
FBI Hostage Rescue Team
Jimmy Lee Dykes65MaleWhite
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
High-profile case of child abduction, ending in a six-day standoff outside an underground bunker on the suspect's property. Suspect had numerous weapons to hand. Standoff ended when suspect was observed wielding a gun inside the bunker, and FBI team blew the top of the bunker with explosives, dropped in stun grenades, and shot the suspect.,_February_2013#cite_ref-19
Yes52/4/20131No, I have another incident to log.
8/28/2014 16:25:3411/18/2011AL - AlabamaBirminghamBirmingham PoliceMark WittmanMaleUnknownUnknownHitUnarmedUnarmed
Bystander grazed by a bullet when officer fired on a third party's car, following a dispute with officer over parking in a no-parking zone.
No, I have an incident/more incidents to log.
8/28/2014 17:13:347/25/2012AL - AlabamaHenry
Henry County Sheriffs Dept.
FemaleUnknownUnknownHitArmedUnidentified Gun
The report says officers were responding to a suspicious vehicle report when a woman fired shots at them from the car. After deputies fired back and struck the woman, a man fled on a four-wheeler.
No, I have an incident/more incidents to log.
8/29/2014 16:47:521/29/2013AL - AlabamaJacksonSectionMadison County SWATJeremy Daniel Gregory31MaleUnknownUnknownKilledArmedRifleGregory died after a shootout with a SWAT team.
No, I have an incident/more incidents to log.
9/19/2014 15:48:222/16/2013AL - AlabamaCoffeeEnterpriseEnterprise PDUnknownUnknownUnknownHitArmedHandgun
"""According to Public Information Officer Sgt. Billy Haglund, the incident occurred when officers were responding to a domestic violence call in the 200 block of Dale County Road 124.
When the officers approached the front door of the trailer, the front door swung open and a suspect had a handgun pointed at the officers.
Haglund said the officers opened fire, shooting the suspect twice in the hip area.
The suspect was transported to Medical Center Enterprise and later transported to Flowers Hospital to undergo surgery. The suspect is expected to recover from his injuries."""
I couldn't find any follow-up stories with more information about this incident.
No, I have an incident/more incidents to log.
8/20/2014 12:49:2310/10/2013AR - ArkansasClarkArkadelphia
Arkadelphia Police Department
Car chase ended in crash. Victim got out of car and pointed rifle at cops. Was shot and hit. Flown to hospital with non life threatening injuries
8/20/2014 14:41:168/25/2011AR - ArkansasPulaski CountySherwoodArkansas State PoliceCleodus Castleberry23Male
Black or African American
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
Victim broke into the State Troopers home, shot an unknown number of times, and died of his wounds in the hospital
Kenneth Cartwright
8/20/2014 15:48:487/29/2012AR - ArkansasCraigheadJonesobor
Jonesboro Police Department
Chavis Carter21Male
Black or African American
He was shot in the head in the back of a police car. He had his hands cuffed behind his back at the time. It was labeled a "suicide".
8/20/2014 16:58:069/7/2013AR - ArkansasJeffersonPine Bluff
Pine Bluff Police Department
Monroe Isadore107Male
Black or African American
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
KilledArmedFirearm; not stated
SWAT team shot the man who was supposedly wielding a gun at people inside the house. "A public information officer told reporters they pumped gas into the room hoping Isadore would surrender, but he fired shots at them instead." "Soon after, police kicked down the door to the bedroom Isadore was in. KTHV adds Isadore fired even more shots at officers when they broke into the room. Police fired back and ended up killing him."
8/20/2014 17:00:094/12/2011AR - ArkansasPoinsettTrumann
Trumann Police Department
Jerry Lard37MaleWhite
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
15HitArmedFirearm; not stated
Officers Schmidt and Overstreet pulled Lard's vehicle over for a routine traffic stop. Lard pulled out a gun and started shooting at the officers, shooting Schmidt in the face and killing him. Lard was shot at least once by one of the officers and received minor injuries. Lard is currently on death row in Arkansas in connection with this shooting
Officer Jonathan Schmidt and Officer Corey Overstreet
8/20/2014 18:53:267/15/2013AR - ArkansasPulaskiLittle Rock
Little Rock Police Department
Deon Lamar Williams26Male
Black or African American
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
Deon Williams was pulled over for driving a car with expired plates that the officers thought had been stolen. After being pulled over Williams tried to walk away, but the officer thought he saw a weapon in his waistband and asked Williams to come over to the police car. At this point Williams started running and the police officers gave chase. When one officer cornered him, he said he saw a gun fall from Williams's waistband, and when Williams picked it up and looked towards the officer the officer fired 3 shots (though some in the area report hearing 5-8.) The car was not stolen but belonged to his girlfriend, Williams was on parole for previous drug-related charges and narcotics were found "on the scene". The two officers involved were placed on administrative leave, and after the shooting there was a 200 person demonstration.
8/20/2014 18:57:3112/27/2011AR - ArkansasLittle Rock
Little Rock Police Department
Joseph Williams29Male
Black or African American
An off-duty Little Rock officer working as a mall security guard responded to complains by a woman that a car with 3 persons in it was "harassing" her 17-yr-old daughter by telling her to get in their car. (Cops later concluded this was "NOT a kidnapping attempt" (!)

Three mall security guards approached the car, which began to "back away fast" so one of the guards, off-duty Little Rock Officer Christopher Johannes, opened fire. He fired "several shots" toward the driver's side of the vehicle, shooting driver Joseph Williams, 29, in the torso, and front seat passenger, Keithen Pettus, 30, in the face. Williams sped the car to the parking garage exit, when he lost control and hit the mall's elevator shaft. Both men tried to flee on foot. A third passenger, Johnnie Campbell, was visibly injured but refused treatment. Far as I can tell no charges were filed against the officer involved.
Officer Christopher Johannes
8/20/2014 19:12:3612/27/2011AR - ArkansasLittle Rock
Little Rock Police Department
Keithen D. Pettus48Male
Black or African American
Officer Johannes responded to a call from 2 mall security guards that a mother was complaining a car with 3 black men in it was "harassing" her 17-year-old daughter by asking her to get in the car. (Cops later "confirmed" this "wasn't a kidnapping attempt" snort). The mall cops called the real cops. When they showed up the car attempted to back away and the officer told it to stop and then fired multiple times, gravely wounding driver Joseph Williams, 29, in the torso, and hitting passenger Keithen Pettis, 30, in the face. A third passenger, Johnnie Campbell, was injured but refused treatment. The men tried to flea but were arrested.
Officer Christopher Johannes
8/20/2014 19:47:475/16/2014AR - ArkansasMonroeBrinkley
Brinkley Police Department
Knife or cutting instrument
8/21/2014 15:11:227/9/2013AR - ArkansasPulaskiLittle RockLittle Rock policeAntoine Wilbert27Male
Black or African American
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
Officers got a report that a woman's ex-husband was armed with a handgun. Wilbert was outside with a denim shirt wrapped around his hand. Police say he pointed his hand at officers as if he had a gun. Several shots were fired at him by police. He was hit twice.
8/22/2014 9:56:511/24/2014AR - ArkansasJeffersonPine BluffPine Bluff PoliceUnknownUnknownUnknown1HitArmedFirearm; not stated
Officer accidentally hit victim, a fellow officer, while conducting surveillance at a tobacco store. He had not realized other police were investigating and fired at "a dark figure" holding a weapon.
8/22/2014 11:15:273/3/2013AR - ArkansasFaulknerConway
Conway Police Department
John M Raines IV21MaleWhiteUnknown7HitArmed
Knife or cutting instrument
Police responded to an assault with a knife. When they arrived, they spotted Raines with a knife. Raines refused to comply with requests to drop the weapon. He was tased, but still advanced when officers shot him several times.
Rachel Hanson, Andrew Burningham, James Burroughs and Steven Culliford
8/26/2014 7:16:068/2/2011AR - ArkansasBentonRogers
Rogers Police Department
Fallon Rae (Blanchette) Frederick
Knife or cutting instrument
Frederick called 911 inside a store and told police she was being followed. Police showed up and Frederick, armed with a 4 inch knife, told them she was a paranoid schizophrenic. One stun gun shot was blocked and when Frederick moved toward an officer, Motsinger fired 3 shots into the 98 lb Frederick fatally wounding her.
Vence MotsingerYes18/2/20111No, I have another incident to log.
8/26/2014 18:36:495/21/2011AR - ArkansasLonokeCabot
Cabot Police Department
Christopher AlfeiriMaleUnknownUnknownKilledArmedHandgun
According to Officer Reeves, he made contact with Alfeiri, attempted to pat him down when Alfeiri pulled away and pulled a handgun on the officer. Officer Reeves told investigators he drew his service weapon and he exchanged gunshots with Alfeiri. Alfeiri sustained several gunshot wounds.
Mike ReevesYes55/21/20111This is the first incident I am logging.
8/27/2014 18:10:3711/21/2011AR - ArkansasCrawfordVan BurenVan Buren Policeames Ray Palmer48MaleUnknownUnknownKilledArmedRifle
Suspect entered courthouse to carry out a revenge killing against the judge, armed with two handguns and a rifle. After an exchange of gunfire with officers and many injuries, suspect succumbed to wounds and died.

Contemporary news report:
Passen, Allen & StaggsYes59/13/20116
No, I have an incident/more incidents to log.
9/9/2014 0:34:151/9/2014AR - ArkansasNAJONESBOROJonesboro PoliceMichael Anthony Ware35MaleUnknownUnknownKilledArmedHandgun
JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – One person is dead following an officer-involved shooting at the Meadowview Trailer Park on Aggie Road, according to Jonesboro Police. Police also said another person was shot Thursday morning, but the extent of her injuries has not been revealed.

Police said 35 year old Michael Anthony Ware was shot and killed by an officer Thursday. His name had been withheld until next of kin could be notified. It is not known why the shooting took place.
Corporal John EidsonYes31/9/20143
No, I have an incident/more incidents to log.
9/11/2014 12:41:212/8/2013AR - ArkansasRandolphPocahontasPocahontas PDJonathan Tims27MaleWhite
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
"""Arkansas State Police say the Pocahontas officers were investigating a report that Tims had threatened his girlfriend with a gun. Authorities say Tims fled into nearby woods and pulled out a handgun when he was confronted by four officers.

Authorities say the officers opened fire, hitting him seven times."""
No, I have an incident/more incidents to log.
8/20/2014 12:06:4910/15/1986AZ - ArizonamaricopaPhoenixphoenix policeDavid Valenzuela24MaleKilledArmedHandgunMan in wheelchair threatened two officers with gun. they shot and killed him
8/20/2014 13:30:472/14/2012AZ - ArizonaMaricopaScottsdaleScottsdale PDJohn Loxas50MaleUnknownUnknown1KilledUnarmedUnarmed
James Peters
8/20/2014 12:28:358/18/2012AZ - ArizonaMericopaPhoenix
Surprise Police Department SWAT
Hector Lara24MaleUnknown5KilledArmedFirearm; not stated
Happened during a drug bust. During the search they suspects opened fire and 5 to 6 officers returned fire.
8/20/2014 12:14:4311/23/2013AZ - ArizonaYavapaiPrescott
Prescott Police Department
Larry Clay44MaleWhite
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
Knife or cutting instrument
"When the first officer arrived, he was confronted by a 44-year-old male holding a knife in each hand," the news release stated. "The officer gave him verbal commands which he ignored and then charged the officer. The officer then shot the suspect."
8/20/2014 17:14:3810/9/2012AZ - ArizonaSanta CruzNogalesUS Border Patrol
Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez
Hispanic or Latino origin
10/16/2012 search. Officers were in pursuit of border fence jumpers when rocks came flying in from the Mexican side of the border. Officer fired across the border and hit the victim.
8/20/2014 18:00:144/26/2014AZ - ArizonaMaricopaMesa
Mesa Police Department
Chad Macy Bogle32MaleWhite
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
1KilledArmedHandgun and knife
Vacant home broken into by drug user; police called by neighbor after confronting the man and having the gun pointed at him; intruder barricaded himself in the house, came out multiple times after police were on scene; police shoot the intruder multiple times with bean bags; police then send K9 in; intruder stabs K9 several times; dog retreats; intruder makes another appearance and that's when the officer fired "at least one shot" and kills the intruder. Article/police statement claims it is unclear whether the victim died from the officers shot(s) or by a self inflicted shot.
Rex Cooley
8/21/2014 3:46:461/14/2014AZ - ArizonaPinal CountyEloy
Pinal County Sheriff’s Office
Manuel Orosco Longoria
Hispanic or Latino origin
72 minute chase ended, Deputy Heath Rankin fired rifle twice believing Longoria was reaching for weapon
Deputy Heath RankinYes
8/21/2014 12:35:157/11/2013AZ - ArizonaMaricopaPhoenixLuis Alberto Flores31MaleUnknown
Hispanic or Latino origin
Police were responding to 911 call from an apartment tenant. Several blocks from the apartment, they found Flores, who pulled a gun from his waistband and pointed it at officers. They shot him several times, he shot from where he lay on the ground, officers fired again. Flores died of his wounds.
8/21/2014 14:07:017/29/2012AZ - ArizonaMaricopaGlendale
Glendale Police Department
Kenneth Girardot38MaleWhite
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
Officer initiated a stop; victim attempted to "aggressively" leave the parking space after officer discovered the car was stolen. The officer fired six shots at the driver, who died at the scene.
Justin PenroseYes1
8/21/2014 17:23:414/16/2010AZ - ArizonaYavapaiPrescott Valley
Prescott Valley Police Department
Donald Frank Smith58MaleWhiteUnknown3KilledArmed
Knife or cutting instrument
Officers responded to a domestic violence incident. Smith's wife wanted police to take him away to give him a chance to sober up but after he came at the officers with a knife all three officers shot Smith.
Sgt. Jake Jackson; Officer Keven O'Hagan, and Officer Tyran Payne
8/21/2014 19:56:441/24/2012AZ - ArizonaMaricopaMesa
Mesa Police Department
Officers staged a drug deal to catch a felon out on parole. Two of the five drug suspects "came out firing", prompting officers to fire back, killing the victim.
8/21/2014 23:51:065/21/2014AZ - ArizonapimaTucson
Tucson Police Department
Michael Duncklee28MaleWhiteUnknownKilledArmedHockey Stick
Duncklee was tresspassing on the property he was recently evicted from. Cops responded,knocked on door with no response. Duncklee jumped out with a hockey stick . Duncklee killed his girlfriend also shot
Robert Soeder, Allan Meyer
8/22/2014 1:41:533/10/2011AZ - ArizonaTucson
Tucson Police Department
NIcholas Johnson22MaleUnknownUnknown53KilledUnknownVehicle
There was one robbery suspect with three other people in a vehicle, 3 men and one woman total. The vehicle reversed, knocking down one officer and then came towards the others. There were seven police officers total who fired their weapons 53 times. The woman was wounded, Nicholas Johnson was killed, their suspect Roger Wells was arrested and another unidentified man escaped.

In my opinion, the number of shots fired was insane but the fact that there were shots fired makes sense.
7 officersYes4
8/22/2014 2:18:201/28/2012AZ - ArizonaMaricopaScottsdaleJason Edward Prostrollo25MaleWhite
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
KilledArmedPool cue
Victim had pulled a knife on a cab driver and ordered him to the location where officers (responding to the report of the cab driver) found him. He was extremely intoxicated and holding two pool cues. Officers released a K-9 dog which bit him, but according to reports, did not slow him down. As conditions were "too windy" for spray or tazer, the officer shot and killed the victim.

This caused some controversy as the victim was a veteran of the Marines. Cindy McCain (wife of Sen. John McCain) came under fire from the police station for praising the victim's service posthumously over Twitter.
Ron BayneYes2
8/22/2014 8:24:043/2/2011AZ - ArizonaMaricopaPhoenix
Phoenix Police Department
Unknown, Michael Trevino
It all started at about 3 a.m. When officers arrived on the scene in the area of Indian School Road and 91st Avenue in West Phoenix, they encountered several heavily armed suspects walking out of a home.
According to Sgt. Trent Crump of the Phoenix Police Department, the man who was leading the group was armed with a rifle.
“When that rifle was leveled at our officer and a shot came from that group of individuals who came out, our officers returned fire,” Crump said.
While no officers were injured in the gun battle, one of the suspects, a 21-year-old male, was killed. A second suspect, Michael Trevino, 29, was shot several times. He was taken to a local hospital where he reportedly is in stable condition.

As the armed men attempted to leave the house in the victim's car, the cops showed up. Officers demanded that the men drop their weapons, which they didn't, and a brief shootout took place in front of the house, leaving two suspects wounded on the ground. The others fled on foot into the neighborhood.As officers approached one of the men, the wounded suspect reached for his gun. He was promplty shot a second time -- this time fatally -- by the officer.The other wounded man, Trevino, suffered gunshot wounds and dog bites and was taken to an area hospital.
8/22/2014 12:55:401/24/2012AZ - ArizonaMaricopaMesa
Mesa Police Department
Officers staged a drug deal to catch a felon out on parole. Two of the five drug suspects "came out firing", prompting officers to fire back, killing the victim.
8/22/2014 15:46:4611/1/2011AZ - ArizonaMesa
Mesa PD & US Marshalls
Jesse Espinoza 24MaleWhite
Hispanic or Latino origin
The U.S. Marshals Service was working with the Mesa Police Department to serve a felony search warrant on a subject. Espinoza tried to get away by ramming two unmarked police cars, then flee on foot (when he was shot).
8/22/2014 17:34:123/11/2011AZ - ArizonaPima CountyTucson
Tucson Police Department
Nicholas Johnson22MaleUnknownUnknown53KilledArmedVehicle
The vehicle was considered a weapon by the cops, but was not intentionally used as one. An officer was hit by the cars open door as Johnson tried to drive away. A female passenger in the car, unrelated to the suspected crime, was also hit by a bullet.
8/22/2014 21:36:2911/19/2011AZ - ArizonaMaricopaTollesonPeter Ledesma27MaleWhiteUnknownHitArmedHandgun
Victim reportedly got in altercation at a bar. Upon exiting the bar, victim took out gun and pointed it at people nearby. When officers arrived, victim started shooting at crowd. Officers fired several shots.
8/23/2014 0:33:0510/27/2011AZ - ArizonaShow LowShow Low PoliceMichael McKelvy27MaleUnknownUnknown1KilledArmed
Knife or cutting instrument
Three people robbed a convenience store. Witnesses gave officers sufficient information to locate the suspects, and the police went to interview them. During the interview, McKelvy tried to take a cop's gun, then pulled a knife. One shot was fire, and McKelvy died later at the hospital.
8/23/2014 1:25:557/7/2013AZ - ArizonaMaricopaPhoenix
Phoenix Police Department
Two men injured in this incident.
Officers responded to a home for reports of a man choking a woman in the driveway. A woman was outside the house when officers arrived but would not cooperate when officers tried to talk to her. She went inside the home despite officers’ commands to stay out front. Inside the home, A 31-year-old man, armed with a handgun, came into the hallway. The officer pulled out his gun and commanded the gunman to drop his weapon. The man raised his gun in the direction of the officer and the woman. Officer shot him. Injuries non-life-threatening.
8/23/2014 1:35:267/7/2013AZ - ArizonaMaricopaPhoenix
Phoenix Police Department
Two men injured in this incident.
After shooting and injuring an armed man in a home while responding to a report of domestic violence, Officers discovered a 39-year-old man, the gunman’s uncle, coming out of a bedroom while they were clearing the rest of the home. had an apparent gunshot wound to his leg and hip area, but it was not known how he was shot. Injuries non-life-threatening.
8/23/2014 17:57:4711/28/2011AZ - ArizonaMaricopa Chandler
Chandler Police Department
Adam Troy Buckner39MaleUnknownUnknown1HitArmedHandgun
Police responded to a neighbor being threatened with a gun, arrived to find Buckner armed. Buckner fired a shot into his own head, Kinnaman thought he was being fired on and shot Buckner once in the torso.
Kyle KinnamanYes3
8/25/2014 11:07:211/4/2014AZ - ArizonaSierra VistaSierra Vista PDMichael Estrada49MaleUnknown
Hispanic or Latino origin
Knife or cutting instrument
officers responded to the location to find Michael Estrada, 49, in the front yard of the residence with a machete.
According to a release from the department and statements from one of the responding officers, Estrada made aggressive movements and statements about wanting to have a confrontation with police before moving toward one of the officers.
It was then that Officer Michael Rathmann, a 13-year veteran of the Sierra Vista Police Department, fired multiple shots with his department-issued sidearm, striking Estrada several times.
Michael RathmannYes4
8/25/2014 17:23:015/5/2011AZ - ArizonaPimaTucson
Pima County SWAT officers
Jose Manuel Guerena Ortiz
Hispanic or Latino origin
SWAT team executed a warrant to search Jose's home in relation to an ongoing investigation into drug smuggling. They came in the morning and began to attack his home. He had a rifle in his hand, and the SWAT team said they saw shots being fired at them, so they shot him. It was later found out that Jose fired no shots.
Yes15/5/20111This is the first incident I am logging.
8/25/2014 22:37:485/6/2011AZ - ArizonaMaricopaPhoenixUnknownUnknownUnknownKilledUnknownUnknown
Yes5/6/20111No, I have another incident to log.
8/26/2014 13:35:458/4/2011AZ - ArizonaMaricopaPhoenix
Phoenix Police Department
Michael Ruben Alvarez35MaleUnknownUnknownHitArmedHandgun
The two officers on patrol attempted to approach Alvarez as he pulled a .357 Magnum handgun out of his pants and fired at the officers, court reports said.

The armed Alvarez then entered a house and tried to force a 63-year-old woman to hand over her car keys. She refused and he left through the front door and was shot after exchanging gunfire with police.
Monty Spross, Nick Pittatsis
Yes58/4/20114No, I have another incident to log.
8/27/2014 4:07:4511/21/2011AZ - ArizonaTollesonTolleson PolicePeter Ledesma27MaleUnknownUnknownHitArmedHandgun
Suspect was ejected from a bar for upsetting a female patron, and became agitated. When police arrived, suspect began firing on the crowd outside the bar, and was fatally shot by police.
Yes511/19/20132No, I have another incident to log.
8/27/2014 16:36:055/28/2011AZ - ArizonaTusconTuscon PDAdrian Quevedo25MaleUnknown
Hispanic or Latino origin
Officers were called to the park for reports of shots fired at approximately 3:15 a.m., Lopez said.

When the first officer arrived, he encountered 4 people, Lopez said. According to the officer, one of the men was armed.

He fled on foot, and the officer began to run after him, Lopez said.
Yes15/28/20111This is the first incident I am logging.
8/27/2014 16:47:066/19/2011AZ - ArizonaCoconinoPage
Coconino County Sheriff's Office
William Foust50MaleWhite
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
Wilson and Foust went outside the business and were soon involved in a physical altercation. Foust, according to the sheriff's office, attempted to gain control of the officer's Taser.

"The officer discharged his service weapon, striking Foust," stated a press release issued by the sheriff's office.
Shawn WilsonYes36/19/20112
No, I have an incident/more incidents to log.
8/27/2014 16:51:434/14/2014AZ - ArizonaCochiseSierra VistaSierra Vista PoliceMaleUnknownUnknown3KilledArmed
Blunt object (clubs, hammers, etc.)
routine traffic stop for speeding, then suspect try to flee in car, car chase ensued until stopped in neighborhood, car then accelerated towards officer who shot and killed driver, passenger

officer is the son of the Cochise county sheriff
Justin DannelsYes34/14/20131
No, I have an incident/more incidents to log.
8/27/2014 16:56:075/28/2011AZ - ArizonaFresnoFresno PoliceUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
May 28, 2011 12:00:00 AM PDT
FRESNO, Calif. -- Police are investigating an officer-involved shooting that happened just after 12 p.m. near Peach and Belmont in East Central Fresno.
Yes5/28/20111This is the first incident I am logging.
8/27/2014 18:57:5710/28/2013AZ - ArizonaPhoenixPhoenix PoliceJonathon Corrales23MaleWhite
Hispanic or Latino origin
Officers pursued a vehicle involved in a jewelry store robbery. Passenger in the vehicle fired a shotgun at the pursuing police, and police responded with gunfire. Suspects evaded police and were arrested at a later time. No injuries to the suspects.

News report identifying suspects:
No, I have an incident/more incidents to log.
8/27/2014 22:19:517/25/2013AZ - ArizonaTempe
Tempe Police Department
John J. Wheelihan43MaleUnknownUnknownKilledArmed.22 Caliber Air Rifle
Detectives from the Special Investigations/Narcotics Unit were serving a search warrant at a house in the 2100 block of East Cairo, when Wheelihan appeared, police said.

Wheelihan emerged from the rear of the house and stepped into the backyard with a Whisper .22-caliber air rifle, police said. He began to approach detectives who were working a rear perimeter.

Detectives ordered Wheelihan to drop the weapon multiple times, according to police. Wheelihan raised the rifle at them as he continued to approach them, officers said. Police opened fire.

Wheelihan was taken to the hospital, where he died from his wounds.
No, I have an incident/more incidents to log.
8/27/2014 23:28:429/13/2012AZ - ArizonaMaricopaGuadalupe
Maricopa County Sheriff's Office
Joel Smith19MaleUnknownUnknown4KilledArmed
Knife or cutting instrument
Suspects in burglary were chased by officers into a canal. There, Smith reportedly threatened an officer with an 8-inch folding knife and refused orders to drop the knife. He also reportedly said, "Go ahead and shoot me." As Smith and the officer came closer together, the officer felt threatened and fired 3-4 shots when the two were within 20 feet of each other. Smith was then shot one more time, fatally. The shooting was very controversial in Guadalupe and Maricopa County -- the deputy's use of force was upheld as "justified" one year later.
No, I have an incident/more incidents to log.
8/28/2014 3:05:5010/28/2013AZ - ArizonaGlendaleGlendale PoliceRyan Chamlee Heisler20MaleUnknownUnknownHitArmedUnknown
Officer accompanied probation officer to a meeting at suspect's home. Something happened, and both the officer and the suspect were shot, the officer fatally.

Fuller news report:
No, I have an incident/more incidents to log.
8/28/2014 7:23:115/29/2011AZ - ArizonaGlendaleGlendale PoliceJeremiah Wilson Pulaski24MaleWhite
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
Returned veteran said to be suffering from PTSD in a shooting incident at a restaurant, engaged in gunfight with officer immediately after, fatally wounded.
No, I have an incident/more incidents to log.
8/28/2014 7:30:285/29/2011AZ - ArizonaTusconTuscon PoliceAdrian Quevedo25MaleWhite
Hispanic or Latino origin
Officers responded to report of an argument and gunshot. After officers arrived, Quevedo ran "flaunting and handgun". He was pursued, he pointed the gun at officers, and was shot.
No, I have an incident/more incidents to log.
8/28/2014 11:25:588/20/2011AZ - ArizonaMaricopaPhoenix
Phoenix Police Department
Gabriel Carlos Jaramillo21MaleWhite
Hispanic or Latino origin
Jaramillo led police on a chase stealing cars and ramming police vehicles. Finally cornered he was shot dead.
No, I have an incident/more incidents to log.
8/28/2014 14:06:436/10/2011AZ - ArizonaMaricopaScottsdaleScottsdale PDDerek Ryan Eckles26MaleWhiteUnknown1HitArmedFirearm; not statedCalled police about a bomb threat and barricaded himself in a hotel room.
No, I have an incident/more incidents to log.
9/1/2014 21:09:446/17/2012AZ - ArizonaPhoenix
Phoenix Police, Mesa Police, Apache Junction Police
Ronald Earl Chante51MaleWhite
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
Suspect Ronald Chante was alleged to have stolen a semi-truck from a solid waste management facility and led police on a multi-city chase, intentionally striking police vehicles and one civilian vehicle before getting the semi penned in a crash with another police vehicle. One officer approached and fired his weapon, striking and killing suspect before he could flee again.
No, I have an incident/more incidents to log.
9/2/2014 2:44:4111/13/2011AZ - ArizonaPhoenix
Phoenix Department of Public Safety
Brian Cooper31MaleUnknownUnknownHitArmedVehicle
Officer attempted to stop subject vehicle for speeding. After a 30-minute high speed chase, vehicle backed up a freeway ramp the moved toward an officer who had left his vehicle. Officer fired several shots, at least one hitting subject.
No, I have an incident/more incidents to log.
9/9/2014 14:37:032/7/2013AZ - ArizonaMaricopaPhoenixPhoenix PDMaleUnknownUnknownKilledArmedHandgun
"""Phoenix police say an officer fatally shot a man who had pointed a handgun toward two officers while they tried to negotiate his surrender.
Sgt. Trent Crump says the man was shot Thursday on the sidewalk outside a midtown treatment facility near 13th Place and Campbell Avenue. The man earlier threatened to kill himself.
According to Crump, the man produced a gun and made that threat while talking to a crisis team who called police."""
I can't find any follow-up reporting that identifies the person killed.
No, I have an incident/more incidents to log.
8/20/2014 12:59:427/16/2011CA - CaliforniaSan Francisco
San Francisco Police Department
Kenneth Wade Harding19Male
Black or African American
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
Was being detained for fare evasion at Bayview train platform when he ran from officers and allegedly pulled out a handgun and fired at the police as he was being chased. Before the crime scene was locked down someone stole the victim's weapon, it was recovered shortly afterwards due to witnesses identifying the person who took the gun.

Two articles describe this incident:
Victim's name and background:
Incident description:
8/20/2014 12:52:307/18/2011CA - CaliforniaLos Angeles
Los Angeles Police Department
Hispanic or Latino origin
KilledArmedFirearm; not statedMan outside his home pointing gun at his family, killed by police.
8/20/2014 13:14:135/10/2012CA - CaliforniaOrangeFullerton
Fullerton Police Department
8/20/2014 12:59:126/4/2012CA - CaliforniaSanta BarbaraLompoc
Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office
Lawrence Alan Kitchen MaleWhite
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
On June 4, 2012, at approximately 8:50 a.m., Lompoc Police Officers responded to 208 South I Street, in Lompoc on a "shots fired" call. The investigation revealed the occurrence of the following events. Lawrence Kitchen became involved in a dispute with a neighbor's visitor over parking in the multi-unit residential property. Kitchen armed himself with a shotgun and handgun. He confronted Michelle Velasquez and shot her with the shotgun, injuring her and killing a small dog she was holding. Kitchen then pointed his weapon at Eusebio Ruiz who was attempting to seek refuge in apartment #1. Kitchen shot Ruiz in the torso and leg. When confronted by officers and instructed to drop the weapon and get down, he pointed his weapon at Lompoc Police Officers Dan Sessions and Willie Francis. Both officers fired at Kitchen. They hit Kitchen twice. Kitchen died at the scene. The District Attorney's role in reviewing this homicide is to determine whether the shooting of Lawrence Alan Kitchen was lawful and to provide a detailed explanation to the public about the facts and the law in that regard. As stated in Graham v. Connor (1989) 490 U.S. 386, this process "requires careful attention to the facts and circumstances." Hence, this analysis will give careful attention to both the facts and the circumstances of the fatal shooting of Lawrence Alan Kitchen.
Officer Dan Sessions
8/20/2014 12:36:336/6/2012CA - CaliforniaOakland
Oakland Police Department
22MaleUnknownUnknownHitArmedFirearm; not stated
The officers stopped their patrol vehicle behind the vehicle. As the officer began to approach, the driver of the vehicle quickly exited and brief struggle ensued. During the struggle, one of the officers noticed the
driver had armed himself with a gun. The officer perceived a threat to the officers’ lives and discharged their firearm, striking the subject. ... Weapon was recovered.
8/20/2014 12:45:096/6/2012CA - CaliforniaSan DiegoSan Diego PoliceVictor Ortega31MaleWhite
Hispanic or Latino origin
Police respond to domestic violence call. Officer struggles with suspect after flight. Officer's weapon falls on ground and is picked up by suspect. Officer shoots suspect dead.
Jonathan McCarthy
8/20/2014 13:30:281/28/2013CA - CaliforniaFresno CountyFresno
Fresno County Sheriff's Office
Randall Lee Davis51MaleWhite
Not of Hispanic or Latino origin
Knife or cutting instrument
Suicide by cop. 2 officers fired, neither name disclosed.
8/20/2014 12:32:493/14/2013CA - CaliforniaVentura
City of Ventura Police Department
Clifford Park29MaleUnknownUnknownKilledUnknownVehicleMan fleeing a disturbance he caused at Motel 6; hit both officers with his truck
Nicole Gallion, Kendra Williams
8/20/2014 12:23:464/30/2013CA - CaliforniaSan Diego
San Diego Police Department
Maria Zarco33FemaleUnknownUnknownKilledArmed
Knife or cutting instrument
The officer was called to the home by Zarco's boyfriend who said he had been stabbed and Zarco's children had been attacked.
Investigators say Zarco had stabbed her 9-year-old son with a knife and hit her 16-year-old son in the head with a vase.
Lt Jorge Duran with the San Diego Police Department Homicide Unit said the woman was in the parking lot when officers arrived.
“She was armed with a knife. The officer ordered the female to drop the knife several times according to witnesses who heard the officer calling out to her,” Duran said.
The woman raised the knife above her head and charged at the officer witnesses told officials.
8/20/2014 12:32:1110/22/2013CA - CaliforniaSonomaSanta Rosa
Santa Rosa Police Dept.
Andy Lopez13MaleUnknown
Hispanic or Latino origin
7KilledUnarmedtoy gun
Erik Gelhaus
8/20/2014 12:49:327/18/2014CA - CaliforniaHawthorneHawthorne PoliceMaleUnknownUnknownHitArmedHandgun
Passenger in car being pulled over for speeding got out and tried to run away. Cops gave chase and the man pulled a handgun out of his waistband. Cops shot him and recovered the gun, also stopped the driver and another passenger.
8/20/2014 13:23:468/3/2014CA - Californiaventuraventura
Ventura Police Department
withheld1MaleUnknownUnknown4HitUnarmed car
Multiple police officers were involved in a shooting Sunday afternoon that left one man wounded outside the Ventura County Fairgrounds, officials said.

One person was wounded after several Ventura police officers opened fire outside the Ventura County Fairgrounds on Sunday, Aug. 3, 2014. (Credit: Steve Rutkoskie)
The incident occurred just after 3:45 p.m. near the intersection of East Harbor Boulevard and Figueroa Boulevard (map), where an officer was struck by a GMC Sonoma pickup truck, a spokesman for the Ventura Police Department said.

The driver of the truck was stopped by traffic officers, and as they were talking to him, he allegedly put the vehicle in reverse gear and smashed into a truck behind him, Wilson said.

“He put the truck back in drive, drove forward, striking one of our officers,” Wilson said. “That officer landed up on the hood of the [Sonoma] and into the windshield.”

The driver was hit when several officers opened fire
8/20/2014 13:57:015/22/2013CA - CaliforniaSan DiegoVista
San Diego Sheriff's Office
Anthony Garcia19MaleWhite
Hispanic or Latino origin
Full disclosure: I am an attorney for the victim. The information below is from the police reports and witness statements. I'd be happy to email the police reports, investigations and witness statements if Deadspin would like to review the evidence itself.

Police were called because a neighbor believed 4 teenagers were smoking pot in an apartment complex's laundry room. The sheriff's office responded to the call because it was in the unincorporated part of Vista, California. A 25 year old female, alone, approached the four people. There was no signs of pot. Nevertheless, Deputy Storms decided to do a warrant check. She handcuffed one of the individuals and sat him down on the curb outside the laundry room. She went to handcuff the victim, who asked why he was being arrested. She told him to shut up or she would tase him. He then looked over his shoulder at her and she told him to turn around or she was going to tase him. She then bear hugged him. The victim (5'7" 190lbs (arrest records indicate 5'8" 220lbs, of course)), then tried to get away believing he was about to be tased. He pushed the officer out of the laundry room. She still had him in the bear hug position as if she was about to suplex him. The two fell to the ground, Deputy Storms falling on her back. Witnesses state that the victim never once tried to strike Deputy Storms and was struggling to try to get away. Deputy Storms discharged her taser during the fracas on the ground and the probes missed the victim but nearly hit the bystanders. The victim got to his feet and began to run. While he was at least 30 feet away, Deputy Storms shot him in the back. The bullet entered about 4" to the right of the spine, severed the victim's lung, liver and spleen and ultimately came to rest immediately behind his right nipple. The victim spent weeks in the hospital recovering.

The following day, Deputy Storms said that she looked up from the sidewalk and saw the victim with her taser and believed he was about to shoot her. The taser was on the ground about 40 feet from the victim at the time he was shot IN THE BACK, something that the journalists and officers doing the investigation fail to address in their coverage.
Deputy M Storms (Badge 6757)
8/20/2014 13:57:5410/15/2012CA - CaliforniaVenturaOxnardOxnard PDJose Zepeda, Jr24MaleWhite
Hispanic or Latino origin
KilledArmedFirearm; not statedKilled after "chase" and "shootout" following "routine traffic stop"
8/20/2014 13:59:1010/15/2012CA - CaliforniaVenturaOxnardOxnard PDJustin Villa24MaleWhite
Hispanic or Latino origin
HitArmedFirearm; not statedShot after "chase" and "shootout" following "routine traffic stop"
8/20/2014 14:01:0512/6/2011CA - CaliforniaMercedMercedMerced PoliceKong Xiong18MaleAsianUnknown3HitUnknownHandgun
Officers fired at Kong Xiong explaining that he pointed a gun at them. Kong was wounded but another man was killed, Vang Thao
8/20/2014 14:03:3010/15/2012CA - CaliforniaVenturaOxnardOxnard PDAlfonso Limon21MaleWhite
Hispanic or Latino origin
INNOCENT BYSTANDER caught in crossfire between police and two armed suspects. Officers admitted intentionally firing at victim, mistaking him for another suspect. Police department paid out $6.7 million settlement to victim's family