2017 Steubenville High School Youth Conference
Dates: June 23-25.
Cost: $295 for students, $315 for everyone else.

Included here: Registration, Consent and Code of Behavior Acknowledgement Forms, link for payment.

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We hope to capture the joy of the weekend in photographs and videos to be used in the St. Andrew bulletin, website, social media and future promotional publications.
Code of Behavior
We are happy and excited that you are joining us as part of Saint Andrew 2016 Steubenville Youth Conference trip. The Code of Behavior is a way of helping participants understand what is expected of them during the trip, and of making the experience an enriching one for all involved. Please read through the Code carefully, as you will be expected to honor and uphold it throughout your time at the Conference. Team members will travel to all program activities as a group. Participants are expected to attend all sessions unless explicitly excused by the Parish Conference Coordinator. Name badges should be worn at all sessions and meals. Dress at the Conference should be casual but modest. No short shorts, tank tops, belly shirts, t-shirts with suggestive or violent language, spaghetti straps or strapless tops, cut off t-shirts or extra baggy clothing. Participants must be in their respective rooms by curfew time. The noise level in the sleeping areas should be kept at a minimum. Scheduled quiet and silent times must be honored. The purchase, possession or consumption of alcohol, cigarettes or drugs by participants will result in immediate dismissal from the Conference. Major infractions of the Code of Behavior will meet with the same consequences. Any and all safety, security and disciplinary regulations established by Steubenville Youth Conferences also apply.
Parent or Guardian Signature *
By signing below, I agree that my child shall abide by the rules and regulations outlined in the Code of Behavior. I have reviewed it and discussed the Code with my child prior to signing this form. I agree that if my child fails to consistently abide by the Code or engages in a serious infraction of the Code, he or she may be immediately dismissed from the Mission and sent home at my expense. (Please indicate your acceptance here by entering your first and last name.)
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By signing below, : I understand and agree with the terms and conditions of the Code. I also understand that my parent and/or guardian will be notified at the time of any infractions requiring my dismissal from the Mission and that I will be sent home at my own or my parent’s expense. (Please indicate your acceptance here by entering your first and last name.)
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Once you have completed the above and submit this form, a copy of your responses will be emailed to you for your records. The email will include the link to make your payment online. The cost for students is $295. The cost for everyone else is $315. If you would like you can pay online here now with this link:


If you prefer to pay by check, write a check to "St. Andrew Catholic Church," put the check in an envelope marked "Steubenville, Attention: Kathleen Kajmo" and drop it off at or mail it to the St. Andrew Catholic Education Center, 51 Wrights Road, Newtown PA 18940.

Upon submitting this form, you will have registered with St. Andrew Church for the Steubenbille Conference! But it is also required that you submit your child's information directly to the Steubenville Youth Conference. In the email you get for your own records you will get also get a link to submit your information directly to Steubenville. Here is the link if you would like to fill it out now:


Thank you for registering to join us at Steubenville! It promises to be an incredible experience for your teen!

St. Andrew Youth Ministry

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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