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Are you hosting or attending a community event? Do you want free Stack Exchange swag to give away at it? Of course you do! In addition to supporting the Stack Exchange community on-line, we want to support you off-line too! So, we've put together some easy to get packages of Stack Exchange Swag that you can give away to attendees at your event. Just tell us a bit about your event and how many people you expect, and we'll send you off a package filled with lots of goodies! All swag kits include: --Stack Exchange retractable sharpies (~1 for each attendee) --Re-stickable Stack Exchange Stickers (Tons) --T-Shirts (1 for each event organizer/staff member) --Special giveaway items (1-3 depending on event size)
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Event Information

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If you're the event organizer, we'll send a t-shirt for each organizer/staff member If you're an attendee, we'll send one for anyone from the community who is planning on promoting Stack Exchange there. In either case, just tell us how many of each size!

Giveaway Items

We'll also include a couple special pieces that you can use for raffles/giveaways to attendees

Shipping Information

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