2014 (S2) My Digital Dossier

In this technology age, we have our digital footprints created from the very young age. These footprints could be created by us, or others. Sometimes it's known to us, while there are times we are not even aware that we have left behind digital footprints!

Below is a checklist, based on some items described in the video clip, "Youth and Media - Digital Dossier".
Let's do a quick self-check!

Note: "Online platforms" refers online applications/ tools (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, Youtube) where information in different forms of media (e.g. text, image, audio, video) can be posted.

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    My Digital Footprints

    1. I have photos taken by digital devices like handphones and digital cameras since I was very young (e.g. as young as I was just born).
    2. My parents shared photos/ videos of me in online platforms.
    3. My parents shared personal information of me like when I was born, when I celebrated my birthday in online platforms.
    4. My relatives and friends post photos/ videos about me in online platforms.
    5. I tag myself in some photos/ videos that I posted online.
    6. I take photos/ videos and sent them to friends via medium like WhatsApp.
    7. My friends share information about me via medium like WhatsApps or online platforms.
    8. I update my "status" online to share what I do and where I am.
    9. I express how I feel, my reaction to issues, likes & dislikes in online platforms.
    10.  I provide information like email address to register for accounts like Facebook.
    11. I "google" for information to find out things I do not know.
    12. I chat with my friends via online medium like Skype and Google+ Hangout.
    13. I write journals and post them in online platforms like blogs.
    14. I use apps in my mobile devices/ computer to locate/ navigate places.
    15. I made online transaction (e.g. payment in Amazon or Apple Store), with or without money involved.
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