I Can't Live Without IT! - Engaging The IT & Smartphone Generation
There is a growing prevalence of mobile gadget usage in Singapore. Pre-school toddlers are being nanny-ed with smart mobile devices. Primary school children are pressurizing their parents to buy them a smartphone. And more than 90% of youths own a smartphone by the time they are 13 years old. 50% of them own at least two or more gadgets, such as a smartphone, laptop, tablet or portable audio device. 

Be engaged by our experienced speaker and gain a better understanding of youths’ mobile habits, some of the mobile technology concerns and how to connect with them more effectively in this digital age. Practical tips, rules and guidelines to managing the child’s mobile usage will also be shared. 

Topic:  I Can't Live Without IT! - Engaging The IT & Smartphone Generation 
Date:  22 May 2017, Monday
Time:  1.30 pm - 3.30 pm (2 hrs) 
Venue:  LT (C-03-11)
Fee: Session is FREE

Speaker Profile:

Mr Shem Yao, is the Senior Executive of TOUCH Cyber Wellness (TCW).
He has conducted more than 150 cyber wellness workshops since 2009, reaching out to more than 3,000 Parents, Educators and Youth / Social Workers in schools, corporations and the community.
Shem's interest and proficiency in different types of games, in particular console games, allows him to provide insights to the education team with regards to the motivations of gamers.
He is passionate in engaging the youths of today in discovering their potential and talent, and seeing them pursues purposeful living.
He also enjoys working with parents on matters pertaining to cyber wellness and helping them understand what their youths are engaging and doing in the cyberspace arena. He had also been working with youths in various organisations and churches for the past ten years, impacting and working in the lives of the youths he meets.

• Bachelor Degree (BSc) in Psychology, Open University - United Kingdom
• Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Singapore Polytechnic
Training Received:
• In-house training on Basic Service-Learning Facilitation
Recent Key Speaking Engagements:
• MOE Middle Managers Training – “Mitigating Bullying in the Digital Age” (Ministry of Education, 2015)
• Speaker at Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH) Public Forum – “Gateway To Cyberwellness” (2015)
• Panelist on Cyber Bullying in “Law Awareness Week” organised by The Law Society of Singapore (2016)
Recent Key Media Engagements:
• Radio interviews – FM93.8 Parenting Made Easy

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