Sprouts Chef-in-Training Internship Program Application
Hello prospective Chef-in-Training Interns! Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form. You are taking the first step towards joining this unique and potentially life-changing program!

Eligibility Requirements:

- Live in stable housing in the Bay Area, California
- 15 to 24 years old
- Have a passion for food and cooking, and a desire to secure a job in the culinary industry
- No experience in the restaurant industry is required.
- Available for 2-6 month commitment (1-2 days per week)
- Demonstrate low-income standing or financial need (e.g. eligible for free or reduced-cost school lunch, qualify for SNAP/CalFresh/EBT Benefits)
- Have access to transportation (personal or public)
- Speak fluent English
-Be enrolled in an organization that offers life, career, or scholastic support

Questions? Send us an email us at Sprouts@sproutscookingclub.org. We are eager to hear from you!
Internship Program Sneak Peek
This video offers a look at what this internship will be like if you are accepted!
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Please provide the name and the program that referred you to Sprouts. If you were referred from your school, provide your counselor's name and your school's information. If you are client in a non-profit, provide your advisor's name and your program's information. For example: I was referred by my counselor (Name) at Oakland Tech at OUSD or I was referred by my advisor (Name) at MYEEP
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