Lunar Phases
Exit Ticket, STAAR Review 8.7 B, April 28, 2017
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1. The diagram below shows four phases of the Moon as it revolves around Earth.
A student builds a model based on this diagram. The student uses foam balls to represent the Moon and Earth, and a flashlight to represent the Sun. The student should shine the flashlight on the model of Earth from position *
25 points
2. The diagram below shows the orbit of the Moon around Earth.
At which point in the Moon's orbit would a waning gibbous moon be viewed from Earth? *
25 points
3. The diagram shows part of a lunar calendar for the month of June.
Based on the calendar, when is the next full moon most likely to occur? *
25 points
4. Here's a question for you history buffs, on July 4, 1776, the American Colonies declared their independence. The table shows the lunar phases for June 1776.
What lunar phase occurred on July 4, 1776? *
25 points
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