Master's Thesis Sample Projects within Technology

- Spring 2014

Category: Quality Engineering

Network usage measurement.

Create a method for network activity measurement of a Spotify client. The intention is to develop a tool that will help developers to understand the impact of implementing new features or changing behaviours. Also define and automate a standard user session that will allow for regression testing.

The student should have experience of

+  networks and protocols.

+ Windows, OSX, iOS, Android and Linux are all a plus.

Synthetic battery measure.

Develop a benchmark that uses various software accessible means to create an “energy consumption equivalency number”. This might for instance be various HW counters like, cycle count, an integration under the CPU’s frequency state curve, counters for radio invocations, network traffic et.c.

This might be derived from previous works, or from insights gained from the above topic (Network usage measurement). The goal should be to be able to get a fairly accurate energy regression indication without running on specialized HW.

The student should have experience of

+ mobile development iOS/android

Speculative build system

Given a change in one component, automatically assemble, build and test an entire Spotify client. Visualise build and test breakages in a way to help the different component teams see the effect of changes they make and what is to expect when rebasing to new versions of subcomponents.

Goal is to automate the process of finding incompatibilities of components so that it can be avoided or communicated more effectively

The student should have experience of

+ Git (Preferably expert knowledge)

Category: Frontend/Web

Client in NoFlo

Evaluate if it's possible for a non-programmer to build a simple Spotify client with NoFlo(a JavaScript implementation of Flow-Based Programming).

Tasks involves:

1.Building a webapp with NoFlo - SDK on top of Spotify platform.

2.Evaluate ease to build a Spotify client for a non-programmer.

The student should

- Have knowledge of C++, Java or Python.

- Be aware of but not reliant on MVC Javascript Frameworks (Spine.js, Backbone, Ember)

- Its a plus if the student has experience from developing web applications using PHP, Ruby or Python

Category: Backend

Predictive model of user behavior

You'll build a predictive model of our average users behavior, then measure streams of user-events comparing with this behavior, in particular latency oriented actions. Then comparing observed average user-behavior with the predictive model, and when the observed behavior deviates too much, inform our operational staff.

The student should

- Know how to model a user using a hidden-markov-model.

- Know some basic mathematical distributions

- Should be able to develop in either java or python

Realtime monitoring of transactions using Storm

Each day the Spotify payments teams processes hundreds of thousands of transactions. It can be tough to sort through all of that data to extract information about how healthy our systems, to identify potential anomalies, or to focus our optimization efforts. That's where you come in-- bringing realtime monitoring to our team!

In this project, you'll work to determine what metrics would best support our team's core mission. Then, working with our realtime distributed data processing platform, Storm, you'll build components that can extract, process, and present this information in real-time! Along the way, you'll learn about the different challenges that are faced when building a globally salable payment solution.

The ideal candidate would have experience with the following:

- Java

- Python

- Modern web technologies (HTM5/CSS/Websockets)

- A basic understanding of distributed data processing using MapReduce is a plus.

Master's Thesis Sample Projects within Business

- Spring 2014

Category: Communication

Idea1 : Mail strategy

Create a mail strategy. Today we have major problems with the signal to noise ratio for email in tech and prod. There must be better ways of doing this.

Idea2:  Intranet strategy

Create a intranet/wiki strategy. Today we have major problems keeping info up to date, making info available etc etc . There must be better ways of doing this.

The student should be

+ Communicative

+ Driven

+ Good researcher

+ Analytical

Category: Product Development

Revenue implications

Figure out how to measure the revenue implications are for an artist when converting a passive fan (someone who may just like the latest single) to a super fan (saving music to collection, curating, going to concerts, buying merch, etc).

Conceptually, Spotify represents seemingly endless potential fan base for artists. Our new lean back experiences are doing a better job at introducing these new fans with artists they might like. This is

happening more than ever before. My theory is most new fans start out as quite passive. It's up to the artist and their music to get these potential fans to become more active and then ultimately become super fans. I don't believe that all users are meant to follow this user journey but I believe it exists in some shape or form.

So, I want to understand things like (i) does this user journey behave in the way i expect? (ii) what sort of revenue implications does it have for artists? (iii) what sort of behaviours from artists could influence this user journey in a positive direction?

The student should have good insights about

+  analytics

+  user research