1st Day Survey
What is your favorite Christian song?
When do usually wake up on a school day?
When you are being physically active, what do you want most?
Favorite Superhero
What is our school theme this year?
What did you do over summer
What time do you usually go to bed on a school night?
How many years has St. Paul Lutheran existed?
Where do you like to have P.E. Class?
What is the most important quality a teacher can have?
Who is Mrs. Schumans favorite packer?
How do you achieve 60 minutes of activity every day?
Your answer
What is the best part of School
How many siblings do you have?
Best Sports Equipment
Aerobic exercise requires
Favorite Local Restaurant
Who is the best Sesame Street Character?
Do you play any instruments?
What is your favorite season
What is the worst part of school?
Favorite way to travel?
Are you playing any sports this fall?
Do you own any pets?
Best Wisconsin Team?
Best Field Trip
Where is Mrs. Yurk from?
Favorite Biblical Character
What is a new sport or activity you would like to do in pe this year?
Your answer
Favorite type of movie?
How old is Mr. Wellna?
What kinds of healthy foods do you eat?
Your answer
What town do you live in?
Best Pizza
Best City/Area
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