Sphinx Search Road Show 2011: Announcement/Questionnaire

After the resounding positive response we received from our 2010 Sphinx Conference in Moscow, RU we decided to take the show on road thus the Sphinx Road Show scheduled for late November 2011. We are planning three separate, one or two day interactive conferences throughout Europe where users can share best practices, beginners can learn about about Sphinx and advanced users can attend tutorials on tuning techniques. Some may ask ‘why are you asking us?’ Simply stated we at Sphinx believe that being an open source search company is more than just pushing out quality releases or exemplary search. Obviously the former is extremely important; however it is our duty to foster a forum for community discussion while eliciting feedback. Therefore, we would like your input on the Road-Show in order to service the needs of the community at large specifically in the form of direct discussion throughout Europe. This is why we are asking for your input on locations, talks, ones understanding of Sphinx, and if you are interested in assisting in any capacity.
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Sphinx Road-Show Questionaire