Society Funding Request
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Funding Request Regulations

1. All requests will first go through SSSC’s Society Funding Request Form

2. If student groups need assistance filling out the form, they can request help from the Director of Finance

3. Small funding requests (<$300) will go directly to SSSC to evaluate

4. Larger funding requests (>$300) wll require a follow up (in addition to the request form) to include a budget and written justification for the needs of the request

5. Recurring large requests (Rocket Team, Baja, SWE, etc.) will submit requests by the end of April or September

6. A committee consisting of Heidi Neal, Heather Mann, and a SSSC representative will meet to evaluate requests on a case-by-case basis

7. For basic travel-like conferences, funding up to $400/person is available, though no more than $1,200 will be granted if more students will be in attendance

8. For more specialized travel (awards, elite programs, etc.), funding will be considered on a case-by-case basis

9. Speed Student Council shall not fund a society who has failed to maintain the requirements to become a recognized member society. [minimum: 80% attendance over the previous two semesters.]

10. Speed Student Council shall not fund a society that has not first exhausted funding from other university sources, including but not limited to:
1. Department Chair(s)
2. Office of the Dean
3. SGA Student Senate
4. Office of Student Life

11. SSSC will not fund a society that is not in good standing
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