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Good day! Please complete this questionnaire as accurately and honestly as possible by checking the box corresponding to your response. Your answer will be used for research purposes in order to assess in-school graduate employability, school facilities and services, and improve course offerings of your ALMA MATER (SPAMAST). Your answers to this survey will treated with strictest confidentially.
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General Information
1. Full name *
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3. Course *
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5. Gender *
6. Marital Status *
7. Household size. Please indicate the number of individuals living in your house. *
8. Province of Origin *
9. Location of Origin *
10. Parents Occupation (Father) *
10.1 Parents Occupation (Mother) *
11. Did your FATHER or MOTHER graduate from SPAMAST (alumni)? *
12. Average Annual Family Income (if married, include income of spouse)
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13. Highest Educational Attainment
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14. Did you graduate with honors when you finished your college degree?
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15. In what year did you enter in SPAMAST for your baccalaureate degree?
16. Year Graduated in SPAMAST *
17. What are your reasons for pursuing college degree of diploma program? From the list below, please choose the five (5) most relevant reasons and rank them, with 1 as most relevant and 5 a least relevant reason.
High grades in the course or subject area(s) related to the course
Good grades in high school
Prestige in our community
Influences of parents or relatives
Influence of friends/peers
Prospect for immediate employment
Provided with a college scholarship (or other means to attend college)
More job opportunities are available to SPAMAST graduates
Availability of course offering in SPAMAST
Wants to get a prestigious job
Affordable for the family
Opportunity for employment abroad
Strong passion for the profession
No particular choice or no better idea
Others, please specify
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18. SPAMAST is your first school of choice?
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19. What is your principal reason for choosing SPAMAST? Check ONE answer.
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20. Where did you get the information in choosing SPAMAST to enroll in? You make check more than one answer.
21. Who is financed your education (undergraduate)? You may check more than one answer.
22. Do you have Scholarship?
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23. If yes, what is your scholarship?
Please evaluate the skills and knowledge you gained after completing your course/degree program by checking the appropriate satisfaction rating below.
Extremely Satisfied
Very Satisfied
Somewhat Satisfied
Not Very Satisfied
Not at All
Not Applicable
Specialized knowledge in your course
IT skills (use of Microsoft word, powerpoint, adobe, autocad, etc)
Proficiency in written English
Proficiency in spoken English
Proficiency in written Filipino
Proficiency in spoken Filipino
Interpersonal communication skills
Creative and critical thinking skills
Analytical skills
Problem solving skills
Team work/working others in a group
Exposure to general knowledge and current issues
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25. EFFECTIVENESS OF STUDY PROGRAM AND SELF-READINESS     To what extent has SPAMAST influenced your life in the following areas?
Extremely Satisfied
Very Satisfied
Somewhat Satisfied
Not Very Satisfied
Not at All
Not Applicable
Develop self confidence
Enhanced self-maturity
Become more knowledgeable
Enhanced interest in learning
More interested in current issues
Ability to be independent/self-reliant
Develop critical thinking
Problem solving and decision making
Team work/working within a group
Effective communication
Learned skill in course techniques/technology
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26. Would you recommend to your family member(s) or friends to study in SPAMAST?
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27. After graduating from College, did you enroll in further studies?
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28. Mode of Study
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29. Level of Study
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30. Is the area of study similar or related to your previous areas of study?
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31. What are your REASONS for further studies? Please check only ONE. *
(Employment here means any type of work performed or services rendered in exchange for compensation under a contract of hire which creates an employer-employee relation).
32. Are you presently employed?
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33. Please state the reason(s) why you are NOT yet employed. You may check more than one answer. *
34. Job Sector
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35. Present Employment Status                                                  **If REGULAR/PERMANENT, TEMPORARY, CASUAL or CONTRACTUAL employee PROCEED TO QUESTION 36.                            *If SELF-EMPLOYED, PROCEED to QUESTION 38.
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36. Present Occupation (Based on the Philippine Standard Occupational Classification, 1992)
36. a. What is your present occupation *
36.b. Name of Company/Firm *
36.c. Address of Company/Firm *
36.d. How long have you worked with the company/office?
36.e. What was your starting gross monthly earnings in your CURRENT position? *
36.f. What is your CURRENT gross monthly earnings in your CURRENT position? *
37. Please rate YOUR ABILITY to perform your current job. *
Somewhat Good
Very Poor
Not Applicable
Workplace adaptability
Problem-solving and decision-making skills
Confidence to perform tasks required
Working in a team
Communication skills
Usage of ICT (information and Communication Tech)
Ability to use ICT applications
Technical skills in AFNR
38. If SELF-EMPLOYED, Please check only one answer.
38.a. MAIN Business Activity *
38.b. MAIN Source of Capital *
38.c. Please specify MAIN product/service *
39. Is this your FIRST JOB after college?
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40. What are your reason(s) for staying for a job? You make check more than one answer.
41. Is your FIRST JOB related to the course you took up in college?
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42. What were your reasons for accepting the job? You may check more than one answer.
43. How long did you stay in your FIRST JOB?
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44. How did you find your FIRST JOB?
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45. How long did it take you to land your FIRST JOB?
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46. What was your initial gross monthly income earnings in your FIRST JOB after college?
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47. In general, to what extent SPAMAST curriculum relevant to your first job?
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48. What competence learned in college did you find very useful in your FIRST JOB? You may check more than one answer.
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49. Are you currently looking for another JOB?
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49.a. If Yes what is your MAIN REASON? Please  check only ONE answer.
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50. Do you have secondary or part-time job?
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50.a. If Yes, what are your reasons for taking the job? You may check more than one answer.
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THANK YOU for taking time to fill out this questionnaire. Being one of the alumni of the institution, may we request you to list down the names of other college graduates  from SPAMAST including their addresses and contact numbers. Their participation will also be needed to make this study meaningful and useful.
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