Bus Stop Review Request Form
Please complete the following electronic request form if you wish to appeal an assigned bus stop or bus fees. If you have multiple students in your household, please complete just one request form per family and list all students’ names in the space provided. The Bus Stop Review Committee meets the 2nd Thursday of each month and will review requests at that time. Once the Committee has reviewed the request, the Director of Transportation will notify the parent/guardian(s) of the decision in writing.
Parent/Guardian(s) Name
Student(s) Name
City, State, Zip code
The Committee will review all requests with some of the following factors in mind (not an all-inclusive list): whether the proposed bus stop is on private property or will the change require that the bus travel onto private property; location of proposed bus stop in conjunction with stop signs, main arterial roads, cul-de-sacs or dead-end roads; the speed limit at the proposed bus stop; the availability of sidewalks; the location of the proposed bus stop in correlation to a local SEP school; the distance between the current bus stop and the proposed stop; possible obstructions due to the roadway or other vehicles parking along the roadway; the location of bike paths, etc.
Briefly describe in the text box below the reason(s) for requesting a new bus stop.
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