GNU/Linux - Hack the Kernel - Building "linux" - [Session 1/6]

If you want to participate in a series of presentations, live-workshops and discussions on Hacking the Linux, Kernel - Please sign-up. The idea came through PLUG (Pune Linux Users Group) - if you aren't already signed-up for the PLUG mailing list, join in at These are just to serve interests of enthusiasts, sharing knowledge and so forth. There is no certification here nor any prerequisite fee nor any other obligation on the part of the attendee. I can be reached on betasam[at]gmail[dot]com as well as betasam[at]sourcery[dot]in. I have been working on the GNU/Linux kernel from 2000 and PLUG started me out. The first talk is on Building "linux" (the kernel, always written in lower-case.) [ Session 1 ] Kernels [stable], 3.0.52 [stable] and 3.2.34 [stable] would be built to introduce the kbuild build system. The expected audience are application developers (on any platform) with some knowledge of scripting/automation and current or future users of GNU/Linux as a Desktop The sessions planned insofar are: 1. Building "linux" (multiple kernels) 2. An Introduction to Kernel Architecture and Device Driver Model 3. Let's build a Device Driver [Workshop] 4. The "linux" kernel boot-up and the scheduler core 5. Memory Management in "linux" 6. Debugging and Profiling "linux"
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