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Welcome to the SBTKS Sketch Match hosted by The Improv Imps! The SBTKS Sketch Match is taking place at The Highwood Theatre on a monthly basis. Always on a Thursday--usually, the 2nd Thursday of the month. The match is open to sketch writers of all levels. The SBTKS Sketch Match is a friendly, supportive competition designed to be fun and constructive. Invite your friends and fans to cheer you on to victory!

Sound good? Here is what you can expect:

** Writers should plan on arriving at 7:30pm so you have some time to hand out copies of your sketch and coach members of The Improv Imps who will be performing your sketch in front of a live audience.

**Judges! We will invite judges from the audience to score and comment on the sketches. We will also have an audience favorite vote.

** Feedback! We encourage the audience to ask questions about the sketches and offer praise and suggestions.

ONE FINAL NOTE: Anyone who is not pre-signed up on this form, will have to pay for a ticket ($10).
Any Questions? email

We look forward to having you! :)
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