Application for Spiritual Health: A Foundation
From Dale Fincher:

Dear Participant,

Most of us hunger to grow and find like-minded Christians to grow with us. I want to explain how I will be offering you safety, confidentiality, and new challenges in "Spiritual Health: A Foundation."

What should I expect?
With my wife, Jonalyn, I work to create a healthy classroom where your voice and stories are met with empathy, so you grow to trust God, yourself and explore your own questions. We do our best to offer safety from harmful and false ideas, safety from bullies and bigots. But we do not offer safety from growth. Dedication to growth comes with the expectation to slowly remove the poisons and pollutants in our soul.

This study is not a place to play “follow the pastor” or remain passive about growth. Our study is designed to be interactive in community. We expect participation: commenting, volunteering ideas, wrestling with issues in the videos, reading, and other posts. We ask you to show up, as you are, not as you wish to be. Vulnerability may not feel safe at times, so we ask you to share as the space and relationships warrant. You will become more known, and therefore more loved and appreciated for who you are, the more we get to know you. Sometimes, we know some issues are too personal for a group discussion and we suggest you set up a private eMentoring appointment with Dale or Jonalyn to keep growing.

Is this study the same as group therapy?
This study is for maturing, functioning adults who are learning to take responsibility for their own healing and growth. My wife and I function as seminary-trained pastors, able to spiritually direct you, equipped with a thorough knowledge of the Scriptures, theology and practice. This study gives you mentorship in community rather than professional therapy.

Some issues require professional care and/or professional group therapy outside the context of an online spiritual mentorship-type community. By joining this study, you are accepting the responsibility to consider professional help, if necessary, and you are willing to step away from the group if what we offer isn’t a good fit for your particular needs. Jonalyn and I are aware of our own limitations so we will gently, personally and privately let you know if we recommend another professional to assist in your situation.

How private is this group?
Our classroom will be hosted in a Facebook private group. No one else can find this group nor see its members. Even if you create a new one with an alias for the sake of the class, you are required to have a Facebook account. You are only required to “friend” our SoulationDotOrg facebook account for the purpose of running the group itself.

Keep in mind that everything shared in the group stays in the group. We’ve got your back the best we can. Anyone knowingly violating another's secrets will be removed from the group immediately. This is not a gossip-center for drama. This is a meeting of ragamuffin saints who deserve full dignity, ready to face the headwinds of healing.

Please answer the following questions:
In 6 sentences or less, share your spiritual story, particularly how spiritual dysfunction has kept you from spiritual freedom *
(i.e. authoritarianism, legalism, shaming, scripture-twisting, manipulative behavior, etc.).
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Name two or three areas of growth you hope to find from “Spiritual Health: A Foundation.” *
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“I understand that this mentorship community is not a replacement for professional therapy. I recognize that it is my responsibility to seek professional help if needed and that my particular needs may be beyond the scope of this class/community. I acknowledge ‘Spiritual Health: A Foundation’ is based on pastoral mentoring and community involvement. I understand that comments made in the Spiritual Health: A Foundation community may or may not be a reflection or endorsement of Soulation and its vision. I understand this community is for participants who self-identify as Christians or who are sympathetic to the faith and would consider the faith again if a healthy version were available. I also agree to be respectful and kind with my words, to keep other's secrets, be honest with my feelings, thoughts, and motivations, and bring the real me as much as I am able.
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