SOU Student Club Registration Form

Please fill out this form as completely as you can. Know that your club's mission statement or purpose will be published to the SOU website, so please use this opportunity to explain to SOU students what your club is all about. You can edit your responses later if you need to!
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Club Agreement

By selecting “Submit” below, I am indicating my agree to the following disclosure statement: We, the officers and faculty/staff advisor listed above, have read and agree to fulfill the responsibilities of a Registered Student Club/ Organization as noted on the Student Life website. We understand the privileges extended to Registered Student Clubs/ Organizations, as well as understand the actions which will result in the loss of registered status. All monies received through club sales, membership dues, or fund raising activities must be deposited into the club account. Further, it is understood that the club registration is not complete, nor is the club in good standing until club leadership submits the signature form, which can be found on the Club's Electronic Forms page and turned in to the Office of Student Life in the Stevenson Union (SU312).


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