SCFNA Service Openings
A form to submit openings for service positions at group, subcommittee, and Area level. ALL SUBMISSIONS TO THIS LIST ARE PURGED AFTER 90 DAYS! Please return after that to repost any open positions that still need to be filled.
Position *
Enter the title of the open position
Group, Subcommittee, or Area *
Entity Name *
For Groups include Name as listed in the schedule, including city, day and time of that meeting. Subcommittee list name of committee. Area simply list as Area.
Date that position is open *
If currently open, select today's date. If opening is upcoming, list the date it will be available.
Term of commitment *
How long is the position held?
Clean time requirement *
How long must an interested party have been clean
Description of duties for this position *
What is this position's responsibilities? This can be written out, or you can include a link to an existing NA document with the appropriate guidelines.
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