GDB Feedback The GDB E series is the first of a three part series of multifunctional project development board that will allow for quicker and thus cheaper prototyping. The E-Series is space tolerant and available for pre-order now, while the M & S Series will be the worlds first easy to use RAD hard space rated prototyping platform. Our proprietary GUI and assembly language software will control all the open source hardware functions (LEDS, SPI, PWM, ADC, Full H-Bridges, I/O configuration, chip reset, and memory data logging), creating a high level hardware API. Our easy to use software will also control the internal counter timing, sine and log tables, and software UART. The GDB will replace the Arduino Uno as the preferred high-level prototyping environment by; running 10.6x faster, being 74% smaller, having 8 parallel processors (Meaning the GDB has 85x more processing power then the Ardunio Uno), having two integrated high power drivers (capable of handling 12x the current), more flexible Input / Output configurations, and yet is still much easier to program. With limited funds and expertise, prototyping a new technology can be a cumbersome and unnecessarily expensive process, especially for undergrad students, hobbyists, and small technology firms. LETS CHANGE THAT! You can program the GDB six different ways depending on your coding skill level and need for efficiency (The "Relativity" GUI, C++, Parallax spin IDE, Assembly Language, JAVA, and the Aruino IDE itself (Beta program)). You should not have to decide between ease of coding and efficiency. You can have both! We will release the E-Series beginning in January 2014 (just in time for school) so look out for emails with updates and specific program launch dates from You may also send questions to that same email. After you use the GDB, we would appreciate any feedback you have here,\
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