2013 Annual SEPA Utility Awards

Each year, the Solar Electric Power Association recognizes significant advances in solar power in the electric utility industry. The recipients of the 2013 awards will be selected by a panel of expert judges for having demonstrated achievement in advancing solar power at a time when renewables are poised to permanently alter the way utilities do business.The awards will be presented during the Membership Luncheon at Solar Power International (October 21-24, Chicago, IL).

In every field there are those who surpass their peers both in their vision of the future and their ability to mobilize others in shaping that future. This award will be presented to a utility CEO who has demonstrated exceptional and/or innovative leadership in the development of a business model or project that integrates the utility into the solar value chain to the benefit of both the utility and its customer.

UTILITY OF THE YEAR (Investor-owned, Municipal/Public Power, Cooperative)
As solar continues to grow, utilities are exploring how to integrate new systems into resource planning and serve evolving customer demand while maintaining reliability. Some utilities are implementing creative and forward-looking solutions in their service territories. Their efforts, from innovative project design and pricing mechanisms to expanded public engagement, serve as guiding examples. Three utilities (an investor-owned utility, a public power utility, and an electric cooperative) that have made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of utility solar power will be selected to receive this award.

- Self-nominations are acceptable.
- Qualifying programs and projects must have been initiated or completed over the period July 2012 - June 2013. Programs and projects that were only announced during this time will not be considered.
- For a physical project to be considered, it must have reached at least 5% completion by the end of June 2013.
- If selected, a representative from the chosen utility must be present to receive the award during the Membership Luncheon at Solar Power International 2013 (October 21-24, Chicago, IL).

Deadline: Submissions must be received by July 31. Recipients will be notified by September 6.

Questions? Please contact Ruth Hupart, Member Relations Manager, at rhupart@solarelectricpower.org.

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