Snappy-Tech Podcast Show Notes - 05/11/2017
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Snappy-Tech Podcast #18 - Show Notes
Special Guest(s):Paul Stubbington
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Amazon announces "Key" allowing couriers access to your house to drop off packages...• Is this something you'd sign up for if you didn't need the smart lock and the camera?
• Is Amazon going a step too far, and would this potentially increase theft?
• If you already have some form of security system, you will have to shut it down so they can get in without triggering it
Razer announces their first ever phone, only at the cost of a liver• All podcast members were at the unveiling, got hands on time with the device.
• 8GB RAM, 4000 mAh battery, 120 Hz display, DUAL front facing speakers. This is a device for gamers, but is go much greater than just that.
• Snapdragon 835, with the 1440x2560 display being gorgeous, though not quite as bright as AMOLED as it is LCD.
• Device costs £699/$699, however if you pre-order it is on the Three UK at £594.99, or up to £54.99 with £49.99 up-front.
iPhone X starts getting delivered, regardless of reported stock issues.• To buy the iPhone from Apple, there is a 3-4 week wait
• The internet has been taken by storm with people participating in #animojikaraoke
• Want the phone with no one-off payment? From Three UK it can cost up to £117p/m for the 256GB version
Shoulda, woulda, coulda Pixel 2 (HTC U11 Plus) is announced, HTC back on form• This is the device which was initially planned on being the Pixel 2 XL up until about 4 months ago
• It's thought that Google ended up going with LG due to the P-OLED display, was that a mistake?
Microsoft has created a headphone jack that's smaller than 3.5mm, potentially saving it• The collapsable headphone jack may be the only thing to save us in a world where having it has now become a rarity
• No one is certain what this will be used on, or if it will be used at all. Though thought as being for the Surface Windows Phone, that no longer exists
• Could MS specifically planning to license it out?
President Donald Trump's Twitter account was down for 10 minutes this week• The internet went crazy, initally thinking it was intentionally banned for terms of service violations
• Once it was discovered that a rogue employee did it on their last day, the internet has backed them, with indy100 (the Independant's version of Reddit for the news) journalist Narjas Zatat stating they should get a knighthood, as well as others saying they should be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize