AP Student Support Survey
Thank you for taking this quick survey to help us better support AP students!
What AP classes did you take this year?
Are you in the I Am AP club?
Which of the following AP supports did you use this year? You can check more than one.
Are there any additional supports you wish we would have offered this year? Or, is there anything you'd like us to add next year to help you succeed in your AP classes?
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How do you hear about AP supports available on campus this year?
How do you think we can better promote AP resources so you hear more about them?
If you would like more information about our AP supports, joining I Am AP next year, or the AP program in general please feel free to contact me at alecia.markgraf@smusd.org. Or, provide your name below and a brief description of what you'd like and I'll follow up with you.
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If you would like to apply to be an AP tutor next year, provide your full name and I will follow up with you :)
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