Saint Mary's University of Minnesota Internship Learning Contract: Internship Site Supervisor Electronic Signature
Agreement: I have discussed this internship with the student and negotiated and assigned the work components that appear on the attached Learning Plan (sent to you by student). I agree to provide assistance and necessary training and consultation to help make progress towards his/her learning objectives. I further agree to provide the intern with an orientation concerning relevant organization policies, procedures, and functions, and to meet with the intern regularly. If the intern is compensated, the site will provide applicable worker’s compensation and other employee benefits. The site will hold SMUMN harmless from any claims for worker’s compensation of employee benefits by the intern.

IMPORTANT: Students are not allowed to start working at their internship site until they are officially registered for academic credit through the university. Please ask the student to show you a copy of his/her semester schedule online to verify internship registration or call our office
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