Mills High School Tutor Application (2016-17)
If you are interested in helping as a peer tutor at Mills High School this Fall 2016 or Spring 2017, please complete the following application. We need peer tutors who are friendly, responsible, good communicators, and possess a strong academic record (ideally 3.0 GPA or higher). Most importantly, we are seeking students with a genuine desire to help others.

Please note that paid positions are open to juniors & seniors only.

For questions, please contact Emily Baize via Schoolloop or at

First Name
Last Name
Grade Level in 2016-17
Were you a paid tutor during the after-school tutoring program last year at Mills?
Were you a volunteer tutor during the after-school tutoring program last year at Mills?
Cumulative weighted GPA
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Email address
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Cell phone number
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I am possibly interested in tutoring in the following following capacity:
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Why are you interested in tutoring other students?
What qualities, skills and/or interests do you possess that would make you an effective tutor?
Do you have any experience tutoring? If so, please explain.
What subjects are you comfortable tutoring?
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What subjects would you NOT feel comfortable tutoring? (If any).
Please list any languages you can speak other than English (if applicable).
Please list any after-school sports you're involved in or hope to participate in (both fall and spring).
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Please list your current extra-curricular and after-school activities (optional).
Please list at least 2 teachers (current or prior) who could serve as a reference for you.
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Is there anything else you would like us to know?
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