SSPHighway Demand Integration
SSPHighway by SmaRTB is a transparent mobile RTB ad exchange that consolidates inventory supply, which enables DSPs to access multiple exchanges through a single integration while speeding time to market and providing operational costs savings.

A quick overview:
- OpenRTB 2.2 and 2.3 supported
- We offer the ability to do load balancing for you, and provide individual DSP node stats
- Self serve interface allowing you to select your inventory targeting, run spend and stat reports
- Integrated DMP with available Inventory report access is provided with average clear prices
- We fill data points such as OS, carrier from exchanges that do not supply it.
- Offer bandwidth cost savings via intelligent throttling of auctioned inventory
- All exchange protocol and markup differences are standardized for you

Currently available exchanges to select from (one or all):
- Mopub
- Mobfox
- Appnexus
- Axonix
- AdzMedia
- SmartyAds
- AdMedia
- XapAds
- Avocarrot
- Adventurefeeds
- Fyber
- MarsmediaGroup

Integrations in process
- Rubicon
- AerServ

Additional supply sources available by request.

This questionnaire allows us to best assess demand from customers and what features they value most.
After you complete this form, a rep will contact you to arrange a demo of the management platform as well as a technical consultation if desired before integration begins.

What is your company name? *
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Are you using a public DSP framework or an in-house build?
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If you are an existing network, what exchanges are you currently connected to?
List existing integrations you have completed, such as Mopub or OpenX.
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If existing, how many QPS can you currently handle?
QPS = Queries Per Second.
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What is your current monthly spend? *
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Can you commit to a $10,000 per month minimum spend? *
What is your demand split between desktop/mobile? *
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Please list the ad units you support *
Such as Banner, Richmedia, Video, Native
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What inventory is most important to you?
Specific GEOs or ad units
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How do you prevent malicious or low quality ads? *
For example GeoEdge, TheMediaTrust, DoubleVerify
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How soon are you looking to integrate and begin purchasing rtb inventory? *
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Any exchanges we do not currently offer that you would like access to?
If theres another exchange you would like to see made available via SSPHwy, please let us know
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What datacenter and region are your servers in? *
For example, Equinix East
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If convenient for you, can you check your server latency to
Ping test, for example 30ms
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Are you using Amazon AWS? *
Do you currently support OpenRTB 2.2 or 2.3? *
SSPHwy supports both for partners, though 2.3 is preferred
If your previous answer was no, how much time until your bidder will support 2.2+?
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Do you have any specific requirements or feature requests?
include any information such as ad formats, mobile targeting, openRTB spec, etc
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How should we contact you? *
Please include preferred contact. E-mail, phone, or Skype.
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