The SLU monologues - Submission page

Una, the feminist voice at SLU welcomes you to the open submission page for the SLU Monologues! This page allows members of our community to submit their stories for consideration to be performed in the annual production of the show. While in the past, we have only had our submissions page opened for a limited time, we realize that people may feel called to write or submit their experiences at any time, and we want this page to be always open for our community to utilize. Monologues that are submitted before the first Sunday of November will be considered submissions for the current monologues season. We aren't looking for stories that fit in to any specific category or mold. Rather, we hope you will share those experiences you feel have contributed most to your sense of identity, your sense of yourself. Whichever stories of your life you feel most compelled to share with this community - these are the stories we continue to seek. As far as details, we suggest that your submissions be limited to 750 words. If your story requires more space we completely understand, and still want you to submit it. The word limit exists due to running time consideration and the desire to include as many monologues as possible. Also, we are hoping to publish all of the submissions for each year into a compilation book. As always, you will be given the option to opt out of having your piece included in this publication.
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