Fall 2019 SGIF Request Form
This is the request form for a Small Group Instructional Feedback (SGIF) session, administered by the staff of the Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching & Learning at Saint Louis University. This service is available to all course instructors at the University and may only be requested by course instructors.

While we try to accommodate all requests, we do have limited staff. Please note that your SGIF session is not officially scheduled until we contact you to confirm.

NOTE: SGIFs must be requested at least one week in advance and will only be conducted Sept 30 - Oct. 25, in the spring term. For instructors teaching on accelerated schedules, we may be able to offer SGIFs on other dates, pending staff availability.
Section 1: Timing of SGIF
SGIFs are designed as formative feedback experiences, scheduled for the mid-point of a class, when you can still act on the feedback for the students in the current term. For traditional 16-week semesters, this means just before, during, or just after mid-term grades are due. For accelerated courses – such as 6-week or 8-week courses – this means just before or during the halfway mark of your course term.
What is the duration of the course for which you are requesting a SGIF? *
Does your request place the SGIF during the mid-point of your course term? *
Section 2: Co-Taught Courses
SGIFs may only be requested by the instructor(s) of a course. In cases where a course is co-taught, therefore, all course instructors must agree to have the SGIF conducted and all instructors will receive the SGIF results, since it is not possible to collect feedback for only one instructor.

For the purposes of the SGIF, "co-taught courses" are understood to be those that have more than one assigned instructor of record. Courses that have one or more graduate student teaching assistants (TAs) generally are not considered co-taught, unless the TA is listed as a course instructor and shares equally in curriculum design and classroom teaching activities. In these cases, the course instructor may share the SGIF results with the TA as she or he desires.
Are you requesting a SGIF for a co-taught course? *
If the course is co-taught, have all instructors agreed to have the SGIF? *
Section 3: Course Details
Please provide information about the course for which you would like to have a SGIF. We will do our best to accommodate the request.
Instructor Name(s) *
Note: If co-taught course, all instructors must be listed and must agree to have the SGIF.
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Is the Instructor enrolled in the Certificate in University Teaching Skills? *
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Have you requested a SGIF in the past? *
Course Title *
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Class Building *
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Class Size *
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Preferred Date *
Dates must be during the mid-term period for the course. SGIFs will not be conducted more than a week past mid-term.
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Alternative Date *
Dates must be during the mid-term period for the course. SGIFs will not be conducted more than a week past mid-term.
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SGIF Start Time *
SGIFs typically occur during the LAST 20 minutes of class. You will leave when we arrive and we will dismiss your class when we are finished. PLEASE NOTE: for those whose session needs to occur at the beginning of class, late-arriving students will not be allowed to participate in the process.
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Does the course have one or more graduate student assistants? (May be TAs, RAs, or GAs.) *
If the course has one or more graduate assistants, those students must also be asked to leave the room while the SGIF is being conducted.
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