Honors Senior Capstone Proposal
Honors students are expected to undertake a Capstone Project in their major area during their senior year. The purpose of the Honors Capstone Project is to provide students with an opportunity to integrate and apply what they have learned in their in- and out-of-class academic experiences over the course of their time at SLU. The Capstone Project demonstrates the knowledge each student has acquired, but, more importantly, the Capstone demonstrates breadth and depth in critical analysis, synthesis, integration, communication, and creativity. An Honors Capstone is an intensive product of the student’s independent work, but should involve ongoing engagement with, and feedback from, faculty advisors or mentors. Many majors at SLU require a senior thesis or capstone; those projects might fulfill the requirements of the Honors Capstone.

Please see here for additional requirements and suggestions by discipline: https://goo.gl/tQfOvD
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