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While this is the highest honor that a chapter can award a brother in APO, not much criteria is given to govern who should receive it. All that is required by the national office is:
Distinguished service on a chapter level, making an outstanding and unique contribution to the chapter as a whole.
Exemplifying and furthering, in demonstrable ways, the principles of leadership, friendship, and service.
Making a sustained contribution in a leadership role over a period of time.
Must not have already received the Chapter DSK

This, of course, is shockingly vague and does not stress the importance of the award. Thus, Delta Delta has it’s own set of guidelines by which the award is given out:
Chapter leadership, which includes a Diversity of involvement;
Having gone above and beyond the call of duty in their office.
Unselfish giving of time, service, and resources for a consistent period (at least one academic year);
Outstanding differences made in the Chapter that involve some lasting impact

Keep in mind that this award should not be handed out lightly and it does not necessarily need to be handed out every year. A few examples of past recipients and their merits include:

Bea Stout, a transfer student, for single-handedly reforming and rechartering the chapter after decades of inactivity and serving as the chapter’s first president since recharter.

Dan Schneidermeyer, for revolutionizing the chapter through creation of the family system, overseeing the creation of our chapter’s annual day of service (Showers of Service), increasing the executive board’s efficiency by instituting the offices of VP of Admin and VP of PR, and making a lasting contribution through his leadership, including President of the chapter.

Shannon Russell, under her leadership Pledge Education initiated a pledge class of 247 people, doubling the size of the chapter, and propelling Delta Delta into a new era with it's presence nationally and on campus.

Brendan Waldoch for his dedication to the chapter and indispensable leadership as VP of Membership and Executive Vice President. He embodies everything that it means to be a brother through his leadership, friendship, and service.
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