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Bigs Application
If you are interested in becoming a Big, please fill out this application! Also attend the Speed Dating events, and come to office hours to help us match you with the perfect Little! If you have any questions or concerns, email!
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Hometown *
Year at SLU *
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What are your favorite/continuous volunteer sites? *
What is your match preference? *
Do you want to be matched with a Little that shares your major and/or track? *
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Personality Diagnostic
What is your favorite TV show? *
What is your favorite food? *
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What are the top three things you would like to be matched on? (For example: My name is Nicole and I would love to be matched with a Little who is extroverted, shares the same track, and likes to study with other people!) *
Is there anything else that you are looking for in your Little? (For example, "I really want a Little who I can do service with" or "A Little who would want to hang out on the weekends", etc.) *
Would you like to be a part of out SUPER AWESOME big/little committee? (You get 5 hours of service and a leadership point)
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What days/times are best for you? *
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