Amazon Echo App Design
Your team has been hired to design apps and add-ons for the Amazon Echo to help the blind with everyday tasks. Use the template below to submit your designs/ideas to management. Every accepted design will get rewarded with a $50,000 stipend.
Your Name(s):
First and Last (Names get capital letters at the beginning, ALWAYS!)
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Your Team Name:
Tell us what your design team name.
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Application Name:
Tell us what your app will be called on shelves or in the app store.
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Does your app use any additional devices? Do they need to be set-up/installed ahead of time. Does the app communicate with other apps?
Ex. Smart lights, thermostat, oven, fridge, etc.
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If it does use additional devices? What are they? What do they look like and what do they do? How to they work with the Echo?
If so, use the area below to describe the additional devices/apps and how they will function. Ex. Smart lights, thermostat, oven, fridge, etc.
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The area below is where you will be showing the functionality of your application. It is written in a if/then format. Tell us what the user has to do and then tell us how the app will react to the user's action.
The user says, "Alexa, ...
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The Echo will...
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Now tell us why you think this app is important and how it will help the blind.
The more details you put in the description, the easier it will be for the developers to create the app. (Write description below.) If you had to explain what the app was and how it works to a friend, what would you say?
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