ASES Survey
Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey! We will use the results to improve the program!
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1. I have plenty of time to complete my homework.
2. I can receive help with my homework if I need it.
3. I feel safe while at the afterschool program.
4. I have the opportunity to go outside and participate in different activities of my choice.
5. Healthy, nutritious food is available during snack and dinner times.
6. Activities are adapted to meet my interests.
7. If I have problems with other students during the afterschool program, the staff handles the problem quickly.
8. I know what is expected of me when I attend the afterschool program.
9. The instructor in my class values my input and ideas.
10. I like to attend the afterschool program
What could we do to improve your time at the afterschool program?
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