ASES Quality Self Assessment Survey
Thank you for completing the survey! All responses will assist in the continuous improvement of the ASES program.
1. My student(s) have enough time to complete their homework.
2. My student(s) have the opportunity to participate in both academic and physical activities while at the afterschool program.
3. My student(s) receive a variety of healthy and nutritious snacks/meals that meet California Education Code and their dietary needs.
4. Staff are aware of my student(s) health and medical needs as appropriate and adjust activities as needed.
5. There are clearly defined expectations for student conduct.
6. The emotional climate for the program is positive, characterized by mutually respectful, supportive, and relaxed interactions among staff and students.
7. If my student(s) have had issues with other students while at the afterschool program, the problems have been resolved quickly, and to the satisfaction of both myself, and my student.
8. My questions and concerns regarding my child's academics and/or safety are of the utmost importance to the ASES staff.
9. I would welcome the opportunity to be a part of a committee or focus group supporting the continuous improvement of the afterschool program.
If yes, to #9, please include your name, phone number and email, so we can contact you.
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10. The ASES program is a safe and caring environment for my student.
Please provide any information that you feel will be helpful as we work to improve the ASES program.
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