Lurie College of Education Faculty and Staff Equipment Request Form

Equipment Request Process: Step 1: Please complete and submit the online request form below. Step 2: A copy of your request will be emailed to you so that you know your submission was received. Please note that it is only a receipt of your request and not a confirmation that the equipment is available. Step 3: Within 24 hours of your request being received, a Technology Support staff member will notify you by email whether or not the equipment is available. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please forward the email receipt of your original request to All requests are filled in the order in which they are received. Thank You Lurie College Technology Support Staff
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Item Details

Portable LCD Projectors Projector (Dell 1100 MP) Portable Document Cameras Document Camera #1 (Lumens) Document Camera #2 (Point 2 View) Document Camera #3 (Point 2 View) Multimedia Carts MAC Mini Cart #1 (Tall: Dual Boot Mac Mini;Apple/XP, LCD Proj, & Speakers) PC Cart #2 (Tall: PC Laptop, VCR/DVD, LCD Proj, & Speakers) MacBook Pro Laptop Dell PC Laptop HP Mini PC Laptop SMART Board Pens SMART Response PE Clickers Turning Point Clickers Apple Airport/Apple TV Other Request If you need something not listed above, please provide some information in the "Other Comments" section of the form below. To request an iPad Cart, please email (You will need to have already completed a training with Sami Monsur.)


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