SJSU Early Start Exception and Appeals Petition

This petition is for those students with SJSU as the their destination campus. If you have already picked SJSU as your SERVICE campus, and now want an exception, please contact the campus you will be attending in the fall.
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Please complete all sections below and click 'SUBMIT' to send in your request. Petition MUST be submitted online using this form. If you have questions or concerns, please email: In accordance with Early Start guidelines, we generally approve exceptions for the following reasons: Administrative Error; Military (Orders from CO); Death of Immediate Family Member; Divorce; Natural Disasters; Personal Health or Serious Family Illness. In all cases a personal statement is required. If your request appears to be approvable, you will be asked to provide supporting documentation/evidence (on letterhead) to support your case. The following are NOT valid reasons for requesting an exception: family vacations, scheduled work or non-work activities, etc. If you need to work more than 40 hours during the entire summer, there are on-line versions of Early Start at other CSU campuses. SJSU is NOT offering an online Early Start program.

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