Faculty Application for a Classroom Peer Educator (Spring 2018)
Thank you for your interest in a Peer Educator for the Spring 2018 semester. Please complete this online application form by Friday, October 20, 2017 at 5:00 PM. Applicants will be notified of their Peer Educator status by December 8, 2017. Preference will be given to courses that are primarily for first year students, are a part of block scheduling, traditionally have had a high DFW rate, or are considered an SJSU bottleneck course. If you are interested in a peer educator for an Upper Division course or for a course that has a limited target audience, you may want to consider approaching your department to fund this position. All faculty MUST RE-APPLY for a peer educator every semester.

For questions, please contact Deanna Peck at deanna.peck@sjsu.edu or (408) 924 - 2181.

* Please note: If you are applying for more than one course section, please include the details for all requested sections.

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What are the primary instructional formats for the course? Select all that apply.
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If your course does not meet any of these criteria, but you would like to make an argument for having a peer educator, please submit your reasoning.
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Which type of Peer Educator would you like? *
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How will you involve and support the Peer Educator in your course? *
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If you have any student(s) in particular that you would like to see as your Peer Educator, please provide their name(s) and email(s) so we can make sure they apply to be a Peer Educator.
Sometimes we cannot match a class with a peer educator because we do not have enough students with the particular skill set you are requesting. The best way to assure you will have a peer educator is by referring students to apply for these positions.
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This section outlines the requirements for the Peer Educator & Faculty Mentor as part of the course assignment. The goal is to provide an effective structure for the peer educator experience in the classroom.
Peer Educators must attend class on a weekly basis. How often will the Peer Educator need to attend the class? *
For the purpose of building student rapport, it is encouraged that the Peer Educator actively participates in the class on a regular basis. We recognize that some class structures and formats have limited interaction time. In this case, it may not be necessary for the Peer Educator to attend every class.
Peer Educators can request 5 - 10 minutes per week to make classroom announcements, facilitate check-ins, and answer student questions. Will you be comfortable with building this check-in time into your course? *
Peer Educators must be able to contact students outside of the classroom. Do you agree to provide your Peer Educator access to CANVAS announcements and/or the class e-mail list? *
Peer Educators will need to receive the course syllabus and major course assignments as a reference. Will you provide these materials to the Peer Educator? *
If you expect the Peer Educator to read the same material as the students, do you agree to provide the texts/readers for the Peer Educator? *
Peer Educators are required to meet regularly with their Faculty Mentor. How often can you meet with your Peer Educator to provide feedback and support? *
Select all that apply. Please note that the minimum requirements include a pre-semester meeting and a meeting every two weeks. These check-in meetings are beneficial for the Faculty Mentor to provide feedback and guidance to the Peer Educator, as well as to discuss any course or student-related concerns.
Do you agree to meet your peer educator regularly and to plan for the semester? *
New Faculty Meeting
Prior to being assigned a Peer Educator, new faculty applicants are required to attend a meeting with the Peer Connections staff to review the program's expectations. In this meeting, faculty will have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss their plan for effectively working with a Peer Educator, and sign a program agreement form. The meeting will take place in November, and new applicants will be notified with further details. Note: This meeting will be optional for returning faculty applicants.
For New Faculty Applicants: Do you agree to attend a meeting to learn about the expectations for having a peer educator?
The suggested activities in this section are optional, yet encouraged for the Peer Educator and Faculty Mentor to consider including in the course to enhance the experience for students and overall academic success.
What additional activities will you build into your course to connect students with the Peer Educator?
Select all that apply. These activities can promote student success strategies and rapport with the Peer Educator and other students in the classroom.
What incentives will you provide to encourage participation in Peer Educator activities or workshops outside of the class?
Select all that apply.
If you are requesting a Peer Mentor, how often will you expect a student to meet with the Peer Mentor outside of the class?
Select all that apply.
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