We, Kizzkonnect and JaaiFlo, are interested in knowing "why people dance" and we would like to share this broad knowledge in the community.

We stronly believe that dancing is an enjoyable and universal way to express ourselves. This can lead to a better awareness self, cultural diversities, and issues that bind us together as human beings.

Our goal is to encourage dancing as a path to self awareness and social awereness. We would also like to use dancing as a platform to empower people around us.

We thank you in advance for answering our questions.

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Which benefits do you get from dancing? And Kizomba? (Benefits : boost memory, improve flexibility, reduce stress,...) *
Can you say Dancing makes you feel happy? Why? / Why not? - And Dancing Kizomba ? (Happiness : quality if life, better relationships, health, attitude, sense of purpose ...) *
How does dancing contributes to your growth as a person? And dancing Kizomba? (Growth: self awareness, social abilities, potential, identity, strength ...) *
What does dancing mean to you? And Kizomba? *
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How long have you been a dance (Kizomba) instructor?
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Which values do you embody through your teaching of (Kizomba) dancing?
How does dancing (Kizomba) contributes/applies to your (business) life?
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