Putting OmniFocus to Work ebook - Areas of Responsibility/Focus

As part of the research for my planned ebook "Putting OmniFocus to Work" I'd like to provide tangible examples of different Areas of Focus/Responsibility (as per the GTD definition) to help readers become clear about the structure they want to implement when using OmniFocus. Naturally we all tend to only look at our individual Areas of Focus, but in particular in professional life they tend to be very different due to the individual role, profession and industry. Consequently I am reaching out to you, my valued readers and followers that generally agreed to contribute to the eBook in order to get a more real-life examples. All information collected will be treated anonymous and if you don't feel comfortable answering any of the questions below, please feel free to skip them. If you like to participate in any further research for the ebook and haven't done so already, please sign-up to my ebook contributor mailing list at: http://eepurl.com/i9LPD Thank you very much for helping me with my research. Sven (http://simplicityisbliss.com)

Your professional occupation

This will help me to put your Areas of Responsibility/Areas of Focus in context and make any examples I will provide in the eBook more tangible.

Your professional Areas of Responsibility/Areas of Focus

Either as a GTD practitioner or as an OmniFocus user you may have defined them to determine your short, mid and long-term goals, do your (regular) mind sweep or simply to better structure your OmniFocus database.

Anything else?

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