Evaluating Sources
Please read the following excerpts and evaluate them for accuracy or bias.
All sources should be read for bias. *
If it's a reputable source provided by my teacher, it won't be bias. *
A source is considered a good source if I cite it in my bibliography. *
Which of the following does not help when evaluating a source? *
Look at the source on the link provided. Do you think it is a good or bad source? Can you identify bias in it? List 3-4 reasons you think it is good, or bad. http://libraries.state.ma.us/login?gwurl=http://go.galegroup.com/ps/i.do?p=PPUS&sw=w&u=mlin_s_martha&v=2.1&it=r&id=GALE%7CA308435965&asid=2cee883f464ac4d227018c52523501d6 *
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