SSC Sprog Tuition Waiver & Travel Scholarship Application

The Sierra Student Coalition strives to give every student the opportunity to take part in its events, and we never want lack of money to prevent participation. Because we have limited funds, we do ask that you try to fundraise your own scholarship funding. After all, our programs are designed to teach you how to be an effective organizer, and one of the skills of effective organizing is the ability to fundraise, so think of this as an extension of what you'll learn at the program! That said, if you are not able to fundraise your entire tuition and/or travel expenses, we will still help you out as much as we are able. Please complete the following application and we will be in touch to help you come up with a fundraising plan. Decisions on scholarship & tuition waiver allocation will be made as Sprog Applications are processed on April 15th & May 15th, and on a rolling basis after May 15. Our scholarships are granted on a first come, first serve basis and therefore we cannot guarantee funds will be available after the May 15th allocation period. To increase your chances of receiving funding, please apply early! To be considered for a scholarship or tuition waiver, you must have also submitted a Sprog Application. Send questions to
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