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Feedback Form - Sierra Club Movement Organizing Manual 2016
The Sierra Club's Movement Organizing Manual is an evolving resource. We invite you to use this form to provide feedback, offer knowledge and experience, suggest best practices, and otherwise help us to improve this resource. Please also provide us with your name and an email address, so that we can follow up with you as necessary.
Overall, how helpful is the Manual in your efforts?
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If you have located errors in the manual - a broken web link, misspelled word, inappropriate attribution, etc. - please provide as much detail as you can, here. Please include relevant page numbers.
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What part or parts of the Manual are most helpful to you, and why?
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What part or parts of the Manual are least helpful to you, and why?
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What should we add to the Manual to make it a more useful resource?
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Are you interested in contributing content for a revised version of this manual? If so, please share with us your area(s) of expertise.
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What format would you most value for using this manual?
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