We at SHOWPAPER are very happy to announce our upcoming BROOKLYN SHELF LIFE project!

Coming from our continuing effort to support printed publications, this installation will feature five specifically crafted by paired artists news boxes, placed near BAM on Lafayette Avenue and Ashland Place in Brooklyn, NY. Curated by Andrew H. Shirley, the artists Adam Void & Gaia, Cassius Fouler & Faust, Leon Reid IV & Noah Sparkes, Ryan C. Doyle & Swoon, and UFO 907 & William Thomas Porter created beautiful sculpture-type news boxes pieces. Over the span of one year these boxes will house - along with SHOWPAPER - periodically rotating series of independently printed new work by 48 different publishers and artists, curated by Jesse Hlebo of SWILL CHILDREN with SHOWPAPER and PRINTED MATTER. The launch round will include Sumi Ink Club, W/—, Felicia Atkinson, Asher Penn.  

BAM has graciously commissioned the sculptures, but to produce the rest of these publications, we need your help! Please consider supporting the free distribution of artist works in Brooklyn and donate here: 

If you want to check out the drafts for the news boxes pieces and know more about the artists who created them, click here.

BROOKLYN SHELF LIFE will be a year-long effort, possible thanks to a generous sponsorship of the BROOKLYN ACADEMY OF MUSIC. It is part of their BAMart: Public program, which also awarded three other creative projects out of more than a hundred applications (read the full BAM press release here).

So come celebrate with us this happy announcement, three times!  

>>>> First, Thursday, June 7th at Printed Matter there will be a small reception with performance by Jeremy Smoking (Justin Frye of PC Worship, Gary War).

>>>>> Then, on June 16th,  a sneak peek newsboxes party at BAM;  

>>>>>> Lastly, the public reception on the 19th of June, at BAM as well.

We are very excited about this new project and the great opportunity it provides to further our work in support of independent print, art and music culture. Thanks to all of you for your attention and please visit the boxes, grab zines, check out and go to the music shows listed in SHWPPR, thus helping us support the wonderful people who we believe create beautiful worlds!


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