Fundraising Request Form
Please complete this form prior to starting any fundraising for student clubs, student activities, or classroom projects. You will receive an email notifying if your request has been approved or if changes are required.

A few reminders:

* Make sure you have authorization prior to starting even if it is a fundraiser you have done before.

* Clarify with the sales company your profit percentage, who handles shipping cost, who pays for prizes and incentives, etc. prior to starting will reduce problems in the end.

*Any document/contract with a vendor that requires a signature must be approved by the board not an individual. We as staff do not have the authority to sign contracts. Please give the contract to your building principal and ask them to submit it as an agenda item for board approval.

* It is important to make sure you follow appropriate procedures related to collecting money. If you collect money, providing a receipt is mandatory. Once money is collected, it should be immediately turned into the building secretary and receipted. Following these procedures is really for your own protection.

*There are many creative ways to raise funds. The District prefers to avoid "Door to Door" sales. Please keep in mind we cannot raise funds for gift cards, scholarships, or outside organizations. This has occurred at times in the past but it is not an acceptable use of funds according to the district auditors.

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