Students' Union External Speaker Form
PLEASE NOTE: Should you have an External Speaker attending an event in one of these venues (Foundry, Fusion, Studio, Auditorium, Raynor Lounge, Gallery Rooms and Gallery Presentation area), you will need to complete this form. If you're event is taking place in either View Rooms 1-6, Uni Central, or the Discovery Rooms, please complete the University's External Speaker Form:

- An ‘external speaker’ is any individual or organisation who is not a student or staff member of the University or Students’ Union and is invited to provide a viewpoint, or to speak publically, at the invitation of the Students’ Union (this could include a society, club, committee or Officer).

- This doesn't apply to to external trainers or tutors who are invited to teach a skill, rather than provide a viewpoint (e.g. a dance teacher).

- If your society or committee wishes to invite an external speaker as part of your event or activity (either on or off campus) then you are required to submit this form at least 21 days (3 weeks) in advance. Staff members and Officers must also submit this form if they are hosting any external speakers for any of their events or activities.

- This information is required to ensure that the SU is complying with the relevant laws and policies around external speakers.

- Please be as honest and specific as you can at this stage of your planning. If the speaker is deemed to be high risk or controversial, then we will contact you with support and advice to manage the event.

NB. Working and Representative Committees are bound by Students' Union Council's political policies and are therefore not allowed to host speakers who contravene these:

Societies are not bound by these SU policies.

If you have any questions, please contact:

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